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12.7 Regional programmes ("REG")

Some radio stations divide their programmes into regional stations with different content at specific times. If reception is
deteriorating, the "REG" function prevents the car radio from changing to alternative frequencies that have different programme
To turn the "REG" function on or off, keep the "AF/REG" button
pressed until "REG-ON" or "REG-OFF" appears in the

12.8 Programme type (PTY)

By searching according to programme type, you considerably simplify your choice of radio station. You can search according to
various programme types. In order to start the search, hold down the PTY button
on the operating panel for approximately 2
seconds. The current programme type will appear on the display panel. Now use the volume control
to select your desired
programme type. Confirm your choice of programme type by pressing the PTY button
again. The search now starts
automatically. In the display panel, you will see PTY and the frequencies being cycled through. To cancel the search, press the
PTY button
. If a suitable channel is found, the search stops automatically.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents