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12.6 Alternative frequencies ("AF")

To activate the "AF" function, briefly press the "AF/REG" button
To turn off the "AF" function, briefly press the "AF/REG" button
The "AF" function is only displayed for broadcast stations that broadcast an "AF" signal. The "AF" message flashes when the
"AF" function is activated but no "AF" signal is available.
If an RDS (radio data system) station is being received that is broadcast by several broadcast stations with different
frequencies, the device automatically switches to the frequency that can be received most clearly. The device is supplied
with the "AF" function activated.
In an area with poor reception, attempts to change between alternative frequencies can be heard as disruptive pauses. In
such an event, the "AF" function can be turned off.
Radio reception conditions
In the FM wave band, there may be changes in reception conditions during the drive. Mountains, buildings or bridges can
adversely affect reception. This applies especially if the distance to the station is great.
Enhanced Other Networks (EON)
The EON function (see page 45) is an additional RDS service. If the current programme does not offer any traffic
announcements, EON automatically switches to the traffic announcements on another programme. After the end of the
announcement, the device switches back to the previously heard station. TA has to be activated for this.
. The message "AF" appears and the function is turned on.
. The message "AF" disappears and the function is deactivated.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents