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12 Radio (Tuner) Mode

12.1 Selection of the radio station

Turn on the SilverCrest CRB-532 Bluetooth car radio with the "PWR/MUTE" button
RADIO mode, the last selected station will be heard. If the device is set to an operation with one of the different data storage
media, press the "MODE" button

12.2 Select the wavelength range

FM (VHF) range: To select the FM range, briefly press the "BAND" button
or "FM 3" and the current frequency appear on the display.
AM (MW) range: To select the MW range, briefly press the "BAND" button
"MW 2" and the current frequency.
After selecting a range, the station last selected in this range will be heard.

12.3 Find and save radio stations

Search for a station with the station search function
To select the stations, select the desired wave band with the "BAND" button
desired direction, briefly press one of the buttons
Manual search for a station
In order to select a station manually, press the buttons
"MANUAL". Now press the buttons
in 50kHz increments in the FM range. If there is no entry for about 7 seconds, the device will switch back to automatic station
search. The display will indicate "AUTO".
until you reach the radio function.
. The scanner will stop at the next available station.
until the desired frequency appears on the display. The frequency will change
. If the device was turned off while it was in
repeatedly until the desired range "FM 1", "FM 2"
repeatedly until the display indicates "MW 1" or
(section 13.2). In order to begin searching in the
for about three seconds. The display will indicate

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents