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Bluetooth car radio
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Store stations with the station buttons
With the station buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (
"FM 1", "FM 2", or "FM 3").
To store the station, select the corresponding station with the station search or manually. Press one of the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
or 6 until the radio sound is briefly muted in order to store the station. Now the station is stored at the station button you
Storing a station with the automatic station search
The automatic station search scans for the strongest available stations and stores these under the station selection buttons 1 –
6 (
In order to start the search, press the "AS/PS" button
allocates all station positions at the current level of the selected wave band as long as enough stations with sufficient reception
quality are available. After the scanning has ended, the stored stations are automatically matched up with their station names
and the station stored at the station position "1" can be heard.
Accessing stored stations
In order to access the stored stations, select the desired wave range with the "BAND" button
station buttons (
) and you will hear the station stored there.
Checking stored stations
For this function, the stations stored under the station buttons of a particular wave length are scanned for about five seconds.
In order to begin checking, briefly press the "AS/PS" button
sequence and the corresponding stations will be scanned.
Information about the current station
In order to show information about the current station, press the "DIS/REC" button. The desired information will then be shown
to you in the following sequence: current time, PTY, frequency of the current station.
Show current time
In order to show the current time, press the "DIS/REC" button. The current time will then be displayed.
If the device receives an RDS station with an RDS time signal, the clock will be automatically and periodically updated.
) you can preset 6 programming spaces on each level of the wave band (e.g.
and keep it pressed for more than two seconds. Now the scanner
. The station positions 1 – 6 will begin flashing on the display in
, e.g. "FM 1". Press one of the six

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents