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KH 2380


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  • Page 1 Operation manual KH 2380...
  • Page 2 GB / IE  Operation and Safety Notes  .. Page  5...
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  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Introduction For your personal safety ... Page 6 Proper Use ... Page 6 Equipment ... Page 6 Scope of Supply ... Page 7 Technical Information ... Page 8 Audio Storage Media ... Page 8 Safety Important specific notes on safety ... Page 9 Preparation ...
  • Page 6: For Your Personal Safety

    Proper Use The KH 2380 car radio is suitable for private use for receiving radio stations in the FM / MW / LW range and for playing back CD, CD-R, CD-RW, USB Memory- Stick, MP3 Player, SD and MMC audio storage media.
  • Page 7: Scope Of Supply

    Reverse of the Car Radio (see Fig. D) Metal housing with vents ISO plug jack for loudspeaker connection Plug-in for rear right loudspeaker (+) Plug-in for rear right loudspeaker (-) Plug-In for front right loudspeaker (+) Plug-in for front right loudspeaker (-) Plug-in for front left loudspeaker (+) Plug-in for front left loudspeaker (-) Plug-in for rear left loudspeaker (+)
  • Page 8: Technical Information

    Introduction Technical Information Car Radio Nominal voltage: 13.8 V DC (minus pole negative, connected to vehicle’s chassis) Power consumption: max. 10 A Output: max. 4 x 20 W active power factor Distortion: - 40 dB (1%) Amplifier TAD 7386 4 band preset EQ Electronic master level for: Low-frequency and high-frequency sound, loudness, fade-in / fade-out, balance...
  • Page 9: Safety

    Safety Important specific notes on safety The following notes are for your safety and satisfaction in operating the device. Please observe that non- compliance with these safety notes may lead to substantial risks caused by accident. Explanation of the icons and terminology used. c Danger! Avoid risk to life! m Caution! Avoid risk of injury and damage to property!
  • Page 10 Safety authorised and trained professional staff! In the event of repairs, contact your national service point (see guarantee card)! · Do not expose the device to mechanical stress! · Avoid theft and unauthorised use especially if the device has been installed in a car! Before leaving the parked vehicle, remove the control panel of the car radio and store it safely in the plastic box.
  • Page 11: Preparation

    i TA / TP (Traffic Announcement/Traffic Program): Function to receive traffic updates. i EON (Enhanced Other Networks): If TA / TP function is activated, while listening to a broadcasting of a radio station the programme switches automatically as soon as traffic updates are broadcast.
  • Page 12: Connection To The Car's Loudspeaker

    Installation metal housing and the preassembled DIN assembly bracket until they clearly lock in place. Ensure that the convex side faces outwards in each case. Store the installation keys carefully for future use. • Remove the DIN assembly bracket and place it flush in the DIN assembly cut-out of the vehicle’s instrument panel.
  • Page 13: Connection With Cd Changer

    cable for 12 V DC ignition current of the vehicle. In this manner the car radio and an electric aerial can only use current from the vehicle when the ignition is switched on. • Connect the cable for the vehicle’s minus/ ground connection plug-in a biscuit connector with the car’s connection cable for the minus pole (battery’s minus pole...
  • Page 14: Connecting To The Aerial Of The Motor Vehicle

    Installation / Operation cinch plug jack [red / rear right] • Insert the white plug of the cinch connection cable as far as it will go into the LINE IN L cinch plug jack [white / rear left] • Then insert the 3. mm stereo jack into the headphone output of the audio device.
  • Page 15: Operation

    • Press the button and adjust the PWR / DIM brightness (dimming). - The tuner is activated and [FM 1] (1st FM band), 87.0 (station frequency) appears in . [EON] and [AF] flash. the display window - The loudspeakers play back the reception from the tuner.
  • Page 16: Adjusting Volume

    Operation EON: (ON / OFF): EON function on or off. • Turn the “SEL / VOL” control knob reads [EON ON]; the EON function display is now activated. • Turn the “SEL / VOL” control knob reads [EON OFF]; the EON function is display now deactivated.
  • Page 17 Manual Radio Station Search • Press the button in order to activate the manual station search. [MANUAL] appears in the display window • Press the button and keep it held down until the desired lower frequency is displayed. Touch the button approach the desired frequency step by step.
  • Page 18: Playing From Audio Storage Media

    Operation • Press the button function off. AF Function (Alternative Frequencies) This function makes it possible for the tuner to permanently optimise reception of a radio station. ; [AF] appears in • Press the button the display window . The tuner searches for and receives the optimum frequency that can be received on which the radio station being played back is transmitted.
  • Page 19 Inserting a CD • Press the “Open” button . The control panel folds forwards. The LED (red) / CD compartment and the CD eject button • Ensure that there is no CD, CD-R or CD-RW in the CD compartment • In order to do so, press the CD eject button •...
  • Page 20: Usb Memory Stick, Mp3 Player Or Sd / Mmc

    Operation Selecting Folders You can only use this function with CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, a USB stick or SD / MMC if these contain MP3 data and are arranged in folder structures. • Press the button A / PS folder currently being played back is shown in the display window.
  • Page 21: Recording / Storing / Deleting On Sd, Mmc Or A Usb Memory Stick

    in the display window For the following operations please see the following chapter: Playing back from Audio Storage Media / CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs: Selecting tracks Accessing track passages Selecting tracks on the basis of the storage location Selecting tracks on the basis of the file name Changing the folder sequence Selecting folders Pause...
  • Page 22: Promote Control

    Operation / Promote Control • USB ONE - the current track is recorded on USB. . [RECORD] appears • Press the button BD / ENT , followed by [R] in the display window (flashing), information on the storage location (e.g. [01]) and the length of the recording (e.g. [19.58]).
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting E Error e Cause Remedy E The device can not be switched on or the display indicates [ERROR]. e The connections for the 12 V DC power supply are faulty. Check that the wiring of the device is correct (see the section on “Connecting to the Vehicle’s 12 V DC Power Supply”).
  • Page 24: Disposal

    GB/IE Information Important warranty notes Thank you for deciding on buying a Silvercrest product with a 36-month warranty (from the date of purchase). Please read the documentation enclosed with the product carefully before use.
  • Page 25 Garantiekarte MP3 Car Radio KH 2380 To warrant a free repair please contact the service hotline. Hold you purchase receipt ready. Please write return address in capital letters: Name: First name: Street: Postal code / city: Country: Telephone: Date / signature:...
  • Page 30 Kompernaß GmbH  Burgstraße 21 · D-44867 Bochum (Germany) Last Information Update · Ident.-No.: KH2380-082006-1 / UK...

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