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Basic Functions; The On/Off/Mute Button; Volume Control; Select Button For Settings (Sel) - Silvercrest CRB-631 User Manual


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11 Basic functions

11.1 The ON/OFF/MUTE button

The device is switched on by pressing the ON/OFF button (14) or any other button on
the operating panel. The device is switched to MUTE by pressing the ON/OFF button
(14) briefly. Please note that all audio outputs are switched to mute as a result. The
MUTE symbol is shown on the display. The MUTE function is cancelled by pressing the
button (14) briefly again. If the ON/OFF button (14) is pressed for longer than 2
seconds, the device switches off.

11.2 Volume control

The volume can be increased or decreased by pressing the plus (+) and minus (-)
buttons (9). The volume can be adjusted over a range of 0 and 45. If the radio is
switched off at a volume which is below the default start-up volume, the device stores
this volume. The next time the device is switched on, the volume is automatically set at
this level. If the volume is higher than the default start-up volume when the device is
switched off, the default start-up volume level is automatically selected when it is
switched on again.

11.3 Select button for settings (SEL)

Audio settings Bass/Treble/Balance/Fader:
The audio functions can be selected in the following sequence by briefly pressing the
SEL button (15):
Explanation of the functions:
Bass or Treble
Press the plus (+) or minus (-) (9) buttons to increase or decrease bass or treble.
Press the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons (9) to adjust the balance between the right-
hand channel (R) and the left-hand channel (L). The position 0 means that both
channels are balanced.
Press the plus (+) or minus (-) button (9) to increase and decrease the output from
either the front or rear speakers. Position 0 means that the front and rear speakers are
Basic functions - CRB-631

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents