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Removal Of The Operating Unit (Theft Protection); Basic Functions; Turning On/Off - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio


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then press it against the casing until it audibly snaps into place. Now you can turn on the device.
If the device was turned on when the operating unit was removed, it will automatically turn on
with the last setting (radio, CD, SD/MMC, AUX IN) as soon as the operating unit is inserted

12.2 Removal of the operating unit (theft protection)

In order to remove the operating unit and thus protect your car radio from theft, turn off the
device with the on/off button
from the device and you can detach it towards the front and left. Place the operating unit into
the provided case and take it with you when you leave the car.

13 Basic functions

13.1 Turning on/off

To turn on the device, briefly press the on/off button
off, press the same button again. The device will then turn off.
If the device is activated after the ignition has been started, it will automatically turn on and off
with the ignition during subsequent operation. A prerequisite for this is that the contact A7 is
connected to terminal # 15 of the vehicle (see illustr. 8.3 and illustr. 8.4).
When the radio is turned on, an automatic antenna that may be installed on the vehicle will
also be extended. Before driving into a car wash, you should therefore always turn off the
device in order to avoid damages to the antenna as well as the vehicle.
. Now press the REL button
. The operating unit then releases
on the operating unit. To turn the device


Table of Contents

Table of Contents