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Sector Id; List Programmed Sectors - Honeywell HD6 Series User Manual

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Sector IDs are used to quickly identify specific areas or scenes a Scan assembly is
viewing while an operator is manually controlling the Scan. Each Scan can be
programmed to store up to 16 sectors. The sectors can overlap. The following diagram
shows two Sector IDs:
Whenever an operator positions the Scan assembly to view an area inside Sector 1, the
title (i.e., FRONT GATE) of Sector 1 is added to the video signal.

6.8.1 List Programmed Sectors

A list of the programmed sectors can be viewed for each scan unit. The list displays the
Sector numbers and titles.
If using an HJZTP controller, perform the following steps to view the list of programmed
Sector IDs for the control camera displayed on the programming controller.
1. Press and hold lock, then press F6 (menu). The LCD displays the menu selections
available. Setup will be flashing to indicate that Setup is the currently selected
2. Move the joystick left and right or F3 ( ) and F4 ( ) or camera (left) and preset
(right) keys until SECT is flashing, and then press the aux key.
3. Move the joystick right until LST is flashing and then press the aux key.
Press the aux key to scroll through the pages of the listing. An "End of Directory"
message appears at the bottom of the last page.
5. Press the lock key when done viewing the PreShot list.
Rev. 1.02
The sector title display must be enabled to view Sector titles. If the operator
positions the Scan where one or more programmed sectors overlap, the Scan
sequences between the sector titles for 1.5 seconds per sector. The operator
looking at the monitor quickly knows the location the Scan is viewing. The
location of the Sector ID title is programmable.
Section 5.2.7
for positioning Sector ID titles.
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