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Honeywell HD6 Series User Manual Page 86

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The camera/lens package in the scan assembly provides automatic exposure control.
The lens iris, camera video gain, and camera shutter speed adjust automatically to the
brightness of the scene (unless manual exposure (iris) is selected at the controller). If
the video scene is dark and auto exposure is enabled, the camera automatically goes
into the slow shutter mode, which increases the light integration time and the sensitivity.
If the 843216-1011, 843216-1013, 843216-0984, or 843216-0985 camera is installed and
the NightShot mode is set to auto, the scan automatically pulls the IR block filter when
the camera goes to the designated video gain and shutter speed. When the IR block
filter is removed, the camera converts to black and white and increases the sensitivity for
viewing dark scenes.
The lens auto focus feature can be set to adjust automatically when the zoom setting
changes or when the pan, tilt, or zoom setting changes. The lens auto focus can also be
disabled so the operator has to manually focus the lens. If the Scan is programmed for
either of the two auto focus settings, the operator can also manually control the lens
focus. The minimum focus distance is set at 1.0 meter (3.3 feet) from the camera lens in
both manual and automatic focus mode.
Refer to the following table for controlling the camera features using the HEGS5000.
Iris +/-
18x Color and True Day/Night Camera Features
When the scan is set to manual exposure control, iris open on the controller lightens the
scene; iris close on the controller darkens the scene. With the manual exposure control,
the shutter first goes from 1/10000s to 1/60s (1/50s); the iris then goes from F22 to F1.4
and the gain goes from 0dB to 28dB. Finally, the shutter goes from 1/60s (1/50s) to
1.0s. If the unit is powered down then back up, the scan comes back up in the iris mode
it was in when it was powered down.
23x Wide Dynamic Range and True Day/Night Camera Features
The camera has a feature called Wide Dynamic Range that can be enabled or disabled.
The wide dynamic range is only functional if the camera is in auto iris mode. When the
wide dynamic range is enabled, the camera scans the scene and sets the exposure level
to both the dark areas and bright areas in a scene can be viewed.
When the controller is in manual iris mode, the wide dynamic range is disabled and the
auto digital shutter doesn't go below 1/60s (NTSC) or 1/50s (PAL). The exposure setting
(iris, gain, or shutter) that is controlled when the camera is in manual exposure mode is
selectable. If iris is selected, the gain and shutter are in auto mode. If gain is selected,
the iris and shutter are in auto mode. If shutter is selected, the iris and gain are in auto
Rev. 1.02
Press the auto key above the iris control
keys to put the camera in auto-iris mode.
Press the + (open) or – (close) keys to
manually open or close the camera lens


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