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Preshots - Honeywell HD6 Series User Manual

Ptz camera in a dome.
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When using a Honeywell Maxpro Mode, Honeywell VCL, Pelco P code, or Pelco D code
control system, there are several PreShots (views or presets) reserved for controlling the
scan. Refer to
Refer to your specific controller's users manual for programming PreShots.
PreShots are referred to as Views in the Maxpro Controller manuals.
To program a PreShot, you must be able to manually control the scan.
To send a scan to a PreShot or to program a PreShot on a scan, the scan must be
the control camera on the system controller.
An operator can send a scan to a PreShot by entering the PreShot number and the
PreShot command on the system controller. Refer to your controller manual for the
PreShot command. To view the PreShot video, the scan must be called up on a
monitor. Refer to your controller manual for the PreShot (View) command.
When a scan receives a command to go to a PreShot number, it goes to the
programmed PreShot pan and tilt coordinates at 400° per second. While a scan is
going to a PreShot position, the character generator adds the title of the PreShot to
the video signal and adds the letter A (automatic) with the camera ID to the video
signal. The camera ID display must be enabled to view the camera number and
letter A. PreShot titles are not programmable using a Maxpro controller. In this
case the PreShot titles are PS 001, PS 002, etc.
PreShot title ON
Camera ID title ON
Operator sends the scan to a PreShot
that has not been programmed
There are several PreShots reserved for scan setup, programming, and control
functions. These PreShots cannot be programmed and cannot be included in
The HD6 has a Still PreShot feature that can be enabled or disabled.
If the Still PreShot feature is on, the video is frozen between PreShots. The video and
current PreShot title remains on the current PreShot until the scan arrives at the next
PreShot then switches the video and displays the PreShot title. While the video is frozen
an asterisk (*) appears on the display on the same line as the camera ID. Refer to
Section 5.5.5
Rev. 1.02
Table 4
for a listing of the preprogrammed PreShots and their functions.
for enabling and disabling the Still PreShot feature.
PreShot title is displayed.
Camera ID and the letter A are displayed.
The message "DOES NOT EXIST" is displayed
on the video.


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