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Section 12: Troubleshooting; Troubleshooting Procedures; No Video - Honeywell HD6 Series User Manual

Ptz camera in a dome.
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Refer to
identifying parts discussed in the following list of issues.
Refer to
solutions listed do not fix the problem, consult the factory for technical assistance at 1-
Any equipment returned to Honeywell for warranty or service repair must have a
Return Material Authorization (RMA#) for its repair. The RMA# must be clearly marked
on all return packages.


Possible solution:
1. Verify power to all pieces of equipment in the system.
There is a green LED on the circuit board in the housing that is lit when the board is
receiving 24V ac power.
2. If multiple scans and a video switcher are in the system:
a. Make sure the camera is called up on a monitor at the controller.
b. Bypass the switcher and connect the video from the HD6 to the monitor.
3. Power down all system components for 15 seconds and then return power.
4. Check fuse F1: 1.6A, 250V, Slo-Blo, 5mm x 20mm (located on circuit board in the
5. On standard units, make sure the video cabling is connected properly at the BNC
connector in the housing. If the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) option is installed,
verify wiring is connected properly at terminal strip TB3 in the housing.
6. If the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) option is installed in housing, verify jumpers W3
and W4 on housing interface board are set properly.
7. If Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) option is installed in housing, verify DIP switch SW1
is set for correct cable length.
8. If the Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) option is installed in the housing, verify that
jumper W8 and P10 on the scan video board, 519 539-1020, are in the correct
Rev. 1.02
Figure 1
and the drawings in
Section 13
for removing the lower dome and the HD6 from the housing. If the
If video is present, verify correct video connections to switcher
Section 14
for assistance in locating and


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