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Addressing - Honeywell HD6 Series User Manual

Ptz camera in a dome.
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2.2.3 Addressing

Each HD6 must be given a unique address (camera number) set by the operator at the
control system to control the scan. The address is defined using rotary switches S1, S2,
and S3 on the receiver board. Addresses are set from 001 to 989. Addresses 990 to
999 are reserved for factory testing. If the switches are set to 000, the scan responds to
all commands with all addresses and there is no communication error checking.
The addressing scheme is modulo 256. The scan is physically addressed 1-989,
but all scans addressed above 256 must be controlled using camera numbers 1-255.
Note: If the control system is set for MUX-100 (19.2K) protocol, addresses
256, 512, and 768 cannot be used. These are unattainable values in a MUX-100
control packet.
Note: The three address switches, S1, S2, and S3, must be set to 0, 0, 0 when the HD6
is installed in a housing with the digital interface board and is installed in a
Note: If you are using the HD6 with control equipment other than Honeywell controllers,
please consult the instruction manuals provided with your control equipment for
addressing the dome. For example, if you are using a Honeywell Maxpro mode
control system, the addressing scheme is 1-16. The HD6 address is determined
by the switch settings and the port the HD6 is connected to on the switch.
Refer to the manuals provided with your control system for help in addressing the
HD6 dome.
Refer to
modulo 256.
Rev. 1.02
Table 1
to cross reference camera addresses to camera control numbers using
Ones Digit
Tens Digit
Hundreds Digit


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