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Programming Privacy Zones, 23x Wide Dynamic Range/true Day/night Camera - Honeywell HD6 Series User Manual

Ptz camera in a dome.
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7.5.1 Programming Privacy Zones, 18x Color and True/Day Night, 23x Color, and 25x
True/Day Night Cameras, Continued
b. Using the joystick move the scan so the upper right corner of the privacy zone is
10. The privacy zone is programmed for all points between the selected coordinates.
When the camera is viewing any area within these coordinates, the video is blanked.
11. Program another privacy zone or press Esc (F6) to exit programming.

7.5.2 Programming Privacy Zones, 23x Wide Dynamic Range/True Day/Night Camera

To program privacy zones in a HD6 with a 23x Wide Dynamic Range and True Day/Night
The HD6 to be programmed must be the control camera on the controller.
The video from the camera must be viewed on a monitor (to view the programming
The operator must have manual control of the Scan.
Note: the following procedure is using an HJZTP controller.
1. Press and hold lock and press F6 (menu). The LCD displays the menu selections
available. Setup will be flashing to indicate that Setup is the currently selected
2. Move the joystick left or right, press F3 ( ) or F4 ( ), or camera (left) or preset
Factory set
(right) keys until SECT is flashing, and then press the aux key.
3. Move the joystick left or right until PRG is flashing and press the aux key.
4. Press camera or preset until the character P is flashing on the LCD and press the
aux key.
5. Enter the password. (The factory set password is blank. Press Enter (F5) to submit
a blank password.)
a. Press the camera and preset keys to scroll through all available characters.
b. Continue step a. until the password is sent to the HD6.
c. Press Enter (F5).
6. Enter a Privacy zone number (0-9) and press Enter (F5).
Rev. 1.02
positioned at the upper right corner of the monitor, then press Enter. If the
upper right tilt position is below the lower left tilt position, the message "Illegal
Tilt Direction" is displayed. Readjust the tilt position until the message
disappears or press Esc (F6) to cancel the operation and return to manual
When the desired character is flashing on the LCD, press the aux key.


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