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HP 438031-B21 - 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Cli Reference Manual: Common Internal Spanning Tree Configuration

Hp 1:10gb ethernet bl-c switch for c-class bladesystem iscli reference guide.
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Table 104
Multiple Spanning Tree Configuration commands
spanning-tree mode
show spanning-tree mstp mrst
IEEE 802.1w standard-based RSTP implementation runs on one STG (i.e. same as one spanning tree
instance) only. As a result, if 'rstp' mode is selected, then only a single RSTP instance (default for STG 1) is
supported for all VLANs, including the Default VLAN 1.
If multiple spanning tree instances are required, then select 'mstp' mode so that multiple VLANs are handled
by multiple spanning tree instances, as specified by IEEE 802.1s standard-based MSTP implementation.
IEEE 802.1s MSTP supports rapid convergence using IEEE 802.1w RSTP.
PVST+ does not support rapid convergence in current versions.
The following configurations are unsupported:
HP PVST+ (default Spanning Tree setting) is NOT interoperable with Cisco Rapid PVST+.
HP MSTP/RSTP (with mode set to either 'mstp' or 'rstp') is NOT interoperable with Cisco Rapid PVST+.
The following configurations are supported:
HP PVST+ (default Spanning Tree setting) is interoperable with Cisco PVST+.
HP MSTP/RSTP (with mode set to 'mstp') is interoperable with Cisco MST/RSTP.

Common Internal Spanning Tree configuration

The Common Internal Spanning Tree (CIST) provides compatibility with different MSTP regions and with
devices running different Spanning Tree instances. It is equivalent to Spanning Tree Group 0.
The following table describes the commands used to configure CIST commands.
CIST Configuration commands
Table 105
spanning-tree mstp cist-add-vlan <1-4095>
default spanning-tree mstp cist
Selects the spanning-tree mode, as follows:
Rapid Spanning Tree mode (rstp)
Multiple Spanning Tree mode (mstp)
Per VLAN Spanning Tree (pvst)
The default mode is pvst.
Command mode: Global configuration
Displays the current RSTP/MSTP configuration.
Command mode: All
Adds VLANs to the CIST. Enter one VLAN per line, and
press Enter to add the VLANs.
Command mode: Global configuration
Resets all CIST parameters to their default values.
Command mode: Global configuration
Configuration Commands


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