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Charging The Battery; 256-Color Cool Light; Basic Operation; Turning On The Mobile Phone - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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number and your personal information, etc. It can be used in any GSM phone.
Always turn your phone off before removing the battery.
Push the SIM card splint left and open.
Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot with the golden connectors facing down and
the cut corner aligned.
Retain the SIM card in place with the splint.
Install the battery.
Removing the SIM card
Make sure the battery is detached.
Push the SIM card splint left and open.
Remove the SIM card.
Push the splint right in place.
Reload the battery.
1.5 Charging battery
Attach the charger to the phone with the directional arrow facing up.
Plug the other end of the charger into the appropriate 220V AC outlet.
The battery level indicating bars start varying, indicating that the battery is being
The number of battery bars displayed will start varying repeatedly.
The battery icon is full when the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger.

1.6 256-color cool light

There are altogether 3 of the cool 256-color lights attached to the flip surface of the phone.
If the light are set to be active, when there's incoming call, all the 3 lights will light up and
switching their color to the MIDI melody, and, when charging the battery, these lights will also
light up, until the battery is fully charged.

2. Basic operation

2.1 Turning the phone on
Press the Power key, either briefly or long, to turn the phone on. Press and hold to turn the
phone on during the charging process.
Entering PIN Code
You can use PIN (Personal Identification Number) to protect your SIM card from unauthorized
use. Once the PIN is activated, you will be required to enter the PIN code at the time your
phone is turned on.
Enter the PIN code, which may be provided by the service provider and subject to
your alteration. For the sake of confidentiality, the code is displayed as a group of "*"



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