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Battery Charge; Function Introduction; Turn On; Turn Off - Haier A7+ User Manual

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1.5 Battery charge

· Plug the pin charger into 110AC power socket.
· Plug adapter of charger into the interface at the top of the phone (the side with arrow sign
adown), plug adapter into interface socket.
· When phone is turned on, battery stick in battery icon on screen start to scroll, which shows
that mobile is in charging state. When phone is charged under off state, screen will display
charging act.
·After charging is complete, battery icon stops to scroll, and now you can take it out from phone
Note: the only way to stop charging when charging starts is to plug charger out, please
try to use power socket which is convenient for plug in and plug out.

2. Function introduction

2.1 Turn on

Turn on power
Usually press and hold [On/Off] to turn on the phone.
During the process of on act, press any key to stop playing the act and enter next
Please plug USB cable into phone when phone is off or when you confirm phone is
turned on, don't plug USB cable into phone when it is being turned on to avoid to affect the
play of MIDI.
Input PIN code
To avoid others randomly to use your SIM card, you can setup protection password (PIN
code). After it is set, phone will ask you to input PIN code firstly when phone is turned on.
Input PIN code. (For secret, * is used to substitute input number on screen.)
Press [OK], phone confirms PIN code is correct, and starts to register on network.
Once network name appears on screen, you can dial or answer call. If there is no network
name, it needs register newly.
Note: SIM card will be locked if wrong PIN code is input for three times continuously. In
this case, please contact with SIM card provider.

2.2 Turn off

Turn off power



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