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Philips wake-up light hf3465
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HF3470: The radio does
not work.
HF3470: The radio
produces a crackling
The alarm went off
yesterday, but it did not
go off today.
The alarm did not go off
9 minutes after I pushed
the control lever down
to snooze.
The light wakes me too
The light wakes me too
The lamp flashes.
The radio may be defective. Contact the Philips Consumer Care
Centre in your country.
Perhaps you set the volume too low. Increase the volume level.
Perhaps the broadcast signal is weak. Adjust the frequency (see
chapter 'Using the appliance' section 'Radio/volume') and/or change the
position of the antenna by moving it around. Make sure you have
unwound the antenna completely.
Perhaps you switched off the alarm function by setting the control
lever to the top position.
Perhaps you set a sound level and/or light intensity level that is too
low. Set a higher sound and/or light intensity level.
Perhaps there was a power failure that lasted more than
approximately 15 minutes. In this case the appliance goes back to
factory settings. You need to set all functions again.
Perhaps you pushed the control lever down with so much force that it
jumped to off position.
Perhaps you set the volume level to OFF.
Perhaps the light intensity level you have set is not appropriate for you.
Try a lower light intensity level if you wake up too early. If light intensity
1 is not low enough, move the appliance further away from the bed.
Perhaps the appliance is positioned at a lower level than your head.
Make sure the appliance is located at a height at which the light is not
blocked by your bed, duvet or pillow. Also make sure the appliance is
not placed too far away.
Perhaps the appliance is not suitable for the voltage to which it is
connected. Make sure that the voltage indicated on the appliance
corresponds to the local mains voltage.

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