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Philips HF3465/01 Manual page 9

Philips wake-up light hf3465
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Tip: When you use the appliance for the first time, set the light intensity to 20. The moment you wake up,
check which light intensity level the appliance has reached by briefly pressing the light intensity + or -
button. When you do this, the current alarm light intensity level appears on the display. Set the alarm light
intensity to this level for the next day.
To switch off the lamp, press the lamp on/off button again.
setting the alarm
When you set the alarm, you choose an alarm time and (only in case of HF3470) the type of sound
you want to wake up to. The alarm is set when the alarm symbol is visible on the display. The light
intensity slowly increases to the selected level during the last 30 minutes before the set alarm time.
The sound slowly increases in 90 seconds to the selected level after the set alarm time.
Note: You can set the light intensity by pressing the light on/off button and then pressing the light intensity
+ or - button and you can set the alarm volume by pressing the volume increase or decrease button. If
you do not want to wake up to the lamp or to a sound, set the light intensity or volume level to OFF. See
sections 'Using the lamp' and 'Radio/volume' in this chapter.
Push the control lever down to the middle position to switch on the alarm. (Fig. 13)
The hour indication of the alarm time flashes (Fig. 14).
To adjust the time, follow steps 2 to 5. If the alarm time is correct, just wait a few seconds.
Press the menu + or - buttons to select the hour (Fig. 9).
Note: You can only do this when the hour indication flashes. If this is not the case, push the control lever
up and down again to enter the alarm time mode. You can also set the alarm time in the menu. See
section 'Menu functions' in this chapter.
Press the SELECT button to confirm (Fig. 10).
The minute indication of the alarm time starts to flash (Fig. 15).
Press the menu + and - buttons to select the minutes. (Fig. 9)
Press the SELECT button to confirm or wait for a few seconds (Fig. 10).
The appliance leaves the menu and the display shows the clock time.
The alarm time is now set.
switching off the alarm
To switch off the alarm function, push up the control lever to the top position.
Note: The lamp stays on to light your room. You can switch off the lamp by pressing the light on/off
Note: The alarm (sound and/or light) automatically switches off after 90 minutes.
setting the alarm sound (HF3470 only)
See section 'Menu functions' above.
You can choose one of the following sounds:
Radio (Fig. 16)
Birds (Fig. 17)
Beep (Fig. 18)
Push down the control lever to the bottom position when the alarm goes off. (Fig. 19)
The lamp continues to be on at the selected intensity level, but the alarm sound stops. After
9 minutes, the wake-up sound is automatically played again.
Note: The 9-minute snooze time is fixed. This time cannot be adjusted.
Note: If you push down the control lever with too much force, it may jump back to off position.

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