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Information about use

You may have to turn the ignition to
activate the vehicle's 12 V car outlet.
Please refer to the owner's manual
for your vehicle. Contact a specialised
shop if you are unsure.
Do not cover the device during use
and ensure proper ventilation.
Wipe away any condensation
promptly. After extended cooling pe-
riods moisture will condense to water
drops inside the cool box . This does
not mean the device is defective.
Do not use ice packs or ice bags in
the cool box . Melt water can damage
the cool box.

Cooling process

1. For reasons of hygiene, clean the
inside of the cool box with a damp
cloth before every use.
2. Fill the cool box with the items you
wish to cool.
3. Applies to KK 14:
Set the switch (3) to the "OFF"
4. Connecting the power supply:
Option 1:
Plug the car power plug (9) into a
12 V car socket. The cool box will
start cooling straight away.
Option 2 (applies to KK 24 and
KK 28):
Plug the 230 V mains plug (11)
into a mains socket.
5. Switching on the cool box:
Applies to KK 14:
Cooling: Set the switch (3) to the
"COLD" position.
heating: Set the switch (3) to the
"hOT" position.
Applies to KK 24 and KK 28:
The cool box will start cooling as
soon as it is plugged in.
6. The cool box can be adjusted
variably using the controller (7). To
achieve a lower temperature than in
energy-saving mode, the controller
may be set to around "Max". Please
note, this will use more power than
normal continuous duty.
There is no auto shut-off. The unit
will run continuously so long as the
board bar is switched on. Remem-
ber the vehicle`s battery will be
discharged when the vehicle is not
7. Applies to KK 14:
Set the switch (3) to the "OFF"
8. unplug the 230 V mains plug (11)
from the mains socket, or the car
plug (10) from the 12 V car socket,
and neatly roll up the cable.
9. Clean and dry the inside of the
board bar after use. This will pre-
vent mould from forming.

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