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Cool box
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Available languages

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Do not attempt to dis-
assemble or repair the
device. Immediately have
the device repaired or re-
placed by a speciality shop
if defective.
Never use the cable to
carry or pull the device.
Never operate the device
if it has been dropped
or damaged in any other
way. For inspection and
repair, take it to a qualified
If the power supply on this
device is damaged, it must
be replaced by the manu-
facturer, a manufacturer
authorised service station
or a similarly qualified per-
son to prevent hazards.
Risk of injury!
When transporting the
device in a vehicle, keep
it secured in the boot or
a suitable storage area to
prevent it from moving in
the event of sudden vehi-
cle movement.
Be sure the device has a
solid footing. The device
will tip and can fall when
Secure the cool box (10695,
10697 only) using the SSBF
(Safe Seat Belt Fixation).
The brackets prevent the
seat belt from slipping and
secure the cool box in the
Health hazard!
When cooling medications
be sure the cooling capac-
ity of the device meets
the requirements of the
respective medication.
Any foods being cooled
must be in their original
packaging or in suitable

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