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Cool box
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Intended use

The cool box is used to cool food and
beverages. Cooling is achieved using an
electrothermal transducer (Peltier ele-
ment) with a fan. It connects to power
via the car adapter (12 V) or a 230 V
power supply.
This device is not intended for storing
and transporting unpackaged foods.
This device may be used by children
age eight (8) years and up and persons
with limited physical, sensory or mental
capacity or lacking experience and/
or knowledge when supervised or
instructed on the safe use of the device
and having understood the risks in-
volved. Children must not play with this
device. Cleaning and user maintenance
must not be performed by children
without supervision.
This device is not intended for com-
mercial use.
Any other use or modification of the
device is considered improper and
involves significant risks. The manufac-
turer assumes no liability for damages
due to improper use.


Be sure to verify contents immediately
upon opening the product. Check the
product and all parts for damage. Do
not use a defective product or parts.
1 Cool Box KK 14 or KK 24 or KK 28
incl. connecting cable with 12 V car
plug/230 V plug
2 Spare fuses (8 A)
Operating instructions
Please include all relevant documenta-
tion to other users!

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents