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• Move the batten until it is in the correct position
to guide the tool.
• Securely clamp the batten to the workpiece.
Using the template guide (fi g. D)
The template guide can be used to make a cutout
shape from a template, for instance a letter.
• Secure the template over the workpiece with
double-sided tape or 'G' clamps.
• The router bit must extend below the fl ange of
the template guide, to cut the workpiece in the
shape of the template.
Using the distance piece (fi g. E)
The distance piece can be used for trimming
wooden or laminate vertical projections.
Using the centring pin (fi g. F)
The centring pin can be used to cut out circular
• Drill a hole for the point of the centring pin in
the centre of the circle to be cut.
• Place the router on the workpiece with the point
of the centring pin in the drilled hole.
• Adjust the radius of the circle with the bars of
the edge guide.
• The router can now be moved over the
workpiece to cut out the circle.
Using the copy follower (fi g. G)
The copy follower helps to maintain an equal
cutting distance along the edge of irregularly
shaped workpieces.
• Place the router on the workpiece at the
desired distance from the edge to be copied.
• Adjust the bars of the edge guide until the
wheel is in contact with the workpiece.
Switching on and off
Switching on
• Keep the lock-off button (2) depressed and
press the on/off switch (1).
• Release the lock-off button.
Switching off
• Release the on/off switch.
Warning! Always operate the tool with both hands.
Hints for optimum use
• When working on outside edges, move the tool
counterclockwise (fi g. M). When working on
inside edges, move the tool clockwise.
• Use HSS router bits for softwood.
• Use TCT router bits for hardwood.
• You can use the tool without a guide (fi g. N).
This is useful for signwriting and creative work.
Only make shallow cuts.
• Refer to the table below for common types of
router bits.
Router bits (fi g. O)
Straight bit (1)
Grooves and rebates
Trimming bit (2)
Trimming laminates or hardwood;
accurate profi ling using a template
Rebating bit (3)
Rebates on straight or curved
V-grooving bit (4)
Grooves, engraving and edge
Core box bit (5)
Fluting, engraving and decorative
edge moulding
Cove bit (6)
Decorative edge moulding
Ogee moulding bit (7) Decorative edge moulding
Rounding over bit (8) Rounding over edges
Dovetail bit (9)
Dovetail joints
Chamfer bit (10)
Chamfer edges
Your tool has been designed to operate over a long
period of time with a minimum of maintenance.
Continuous satisfactory operation depends upon
proper tool care and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance,
switch off and unplug the tool.
• Regularly clean the ventilation slots in your tool
using a soft brush or dry cloth.
• Regularly clean the motor housing using
a damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive or
solvent-based cleaner.
Mains plug replacement (U.K. & Ireland only)
If a new mains plug needs to be fi tted:
• Safely dispose of the old plug.
• Connect the brown lead to the live terminal in the
new plug.
• Connect the blue lead to the neutral terminal.
Warning! No connection is to be made to the earth
terminal. Follow the fi tting instructions supplied
with good quality plugs. Recommended fuse: 13 A.
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. This product must
not be disposed of with normal household
Should you fi nd one day that your Black & Decker
product needs replacement, or if it is of no further

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