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Sensors And Modules; En54 Requirements; Loop Wiring Testing - Honeywell Notifier ID50 Installation, Commissioning & Configuration Manual

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ID50 Series Panel - Installation, Commissioning & Configuration Manual
EN54-2 : 12.5.2
Maximum of 32
Sensors and/or MCPs
between isolators.
BS5839 Part 1
Use OPAL-protocol
compatible MCPs on
OPAL or mixed protocol
loops to meet the 3 second
response time.
NEVER use a high
voltage tester on
the loop.
997-263-000-11, Issue 11
January 2010

4.8 Sensors and Modules

Each of these devices is packaged with an instruction
leaflet showing the correct interconnections for various
applications. OPAL Protocol devices are now supported.
To include the internal isolator (not all OPAL devices
incorporate these) use the B501 AP sensor base which
has an additional positive leg loop wiring connector for
the device's internal isolator.

4.8.1 EN54 Requirements

Isolators must be used on the analogue loop to separate
sensors and/or MCPs, including any conventional zone
detectors and/or MCPs connected.
CLIP devices or OPAL devices without internal
isolators: To comply with the requirements of EN54-
2, isolators should be fitted between a maximum of
32 loop devices. For the ID50 Series, do not place
more than 25 CLIP loop devices between isolators
(20 if FET isolators are used).
OPAL devices with internal isolator fitted when used
with the B501 AP sensor base: Ensure loop the
complies with the requirements of EN54-2.
Failure to comply contravenes the requirements of
EN54-2 in the event of a transmission path fault.
4.8.2 BS5839 Part 1 Requirements
All MCPs should be OPAL protocol compatible on OPAL
or mixed OPAL and CLIP protocol loops
Note: CLIP MCPs may be installed but the panel may
not to meet the 3 second response time required
by BS5839 Part 1. If CLIP MCPs are used the
maximum number of CLIP devices MUST be 6 to
allow all CLIP devices to have been polled in 3

4.8.3 Loop Wiring Testing

Before connecting the panel or devices, the wiring of the
loop may be tested for continuity and insulation. Once
any components are connected, including isolators or
devices with internal isolators, no high-voltage testers
such as Meggers may be used on the loop; low-voltage
testers such as multimeters may be used.
Note: If isolators or devices with an internal isolator are
fitted (without power on the loop), the +ve
conductor of the loop will be open circuit.



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