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Emc Considerations; Screen Termination; Ferrite Sleeves (Optional); Micc Cables - Honeywell Notifier ID50 Installation, Commissioning & Configuration Manual

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ID50 Series Panel - Installation, Commissioning & Configuration Manual
997-263-000-11, Issue 11
January 2010

3.3 EMC Considerations

Following the above instructions and by using suitable
cables EMC problems will be avoided. In particularly
difficult EMC environments, or where non-preferred
cabling is used, it is possible to fit additional ferrite
suppressors (sleeves) to cables entering the control

3.3.1 Screen Termination

Use the following method to terminate the cable screens:
Use a metal gland with slots (A) that allow the drain
wire or screen (B) to be clamped between flat washers
(C). Use a steel locking washer (D) between the brass
washers and the internal surface of the back box (E).
This will provide the best EMC termination. Suitable
glands are the CTX range available from CMP UK
Ltd. The part chosen should fit the 20mm knockouts.

3.3.2 Ferrite Sleeves (Optional)

Ferrite sleeves are not normally required with the panel.
In difficult EMC environments, or where non-preferred
cables are used, optional ferrite sleeves should be fitted
to both the loop and sounder wiring. the ferrite sleeves
(A) are to be fitted over the conductor(s) of each cable -
and NOT over the screen of the cable, which should pass
outside of the sleeve. They should be fitted as close as
possible to the entry point of the cable, i.e. as near as
possible to the screen termination (B) to the metal cable
gland (C). The sleeve should be held in place using a
cable tie (D).
The ferrite sleeves are available for purchase from
NOTIFIER's distributors (PN: 538-143).

3.4 MICC Cables

MICC cables must be fitted with metal cable glands (use
Type A2 glands) to ensure good earthing continuity and
correct termination. In particular, the mains cable requires
that the cable gland (A) is fitted with an earth tail kit (B).
The earth tail kit must be connected, using an insulated
wire (C), to the panel safety earth connection (D) at the
mains termination block (E). The bare mains wiring from
the MICC cable must be suitably-insulated (F) and
terminated in accordance with the appropriate local wiring



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