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Selecting Fixing Screws - Siemens 1LA8 Operating Instructions Manual

Simotics tn series n-compact induction motor.
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5.3 Installing the machine

Selecting fixing screws

● Unless specified otherwise, use fixing bolts with at least strength class 8.8 to ISO 898‑1 to
● When selecting the bolts and the design of the foundation, take into account the maximum
See also
Tightening torques for screw and bolt connections (Page 145)
Preconditions for smooth, vibration-free operation
Preconditions for smooth, vibration-free operation:
● Stable foundation design
● Precise alignment of the machine
● Correct balancing of parts to be fitted to the shaft end.
● Maintaining the vibration velocity according to ISO 10816‑3
Aligning the machine to the driven machine and attaching it to it (IM B3 / IM B35)
1. Refer to any instructions for aligning the driven machine and those of the coupling
2. Align the machines with coupling output to the driven machine in such a manner that the
3. For the vertical positioning (x→0), place thin shims over a large surface area under the
ensure that the machine is fastened and the torque-generated forces are transmitted
forces occurring in the case of a fault such as short circuit or system transfers in phase
center lines of the shafts at the operating temperature do not have any parallel or angular
offset. This ensures that no additional forces affect their bearings during operation.
If the thermal change of the motor and the driven machine is different, couple in the cold
state with an appropriate alignment offset. The alignment offset to be set in the cold state
must be determined and specified by the system specialist.
machine feet. The number of shims should be kept as low as possible, i.e. stack as few as
possible. This also prevents the machine being subjected to any stress/distortion. Use the
existing tapped holes for the forcing-off bolts to raise the machine.
The balance state of the shaft (full-key or half-key balancing) and alignment errors primarily
influence the service life of the bearing, especially for high motor speeds or when using
rigid couplings.
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 05/2014


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