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Bringing Cables Into The Auxiliary Terminal Box And Routing Them - Siemens 1LA8 Operating Instructions Manual

Simotics tn series n-compact induction motor.
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● System-dependent conditions, such as ambient temperature, routing type, cable cross-
● Requirements according to IEC/EN 60204‑1
● Requirements according to IEC/EN 60079‑14
Use only sealing plugs, cable entries and conductor entries, that are certified and marked for
use in the respective hazardous area (the zone).

Bringing cables into the auxiliary terminal box and routing them

The required data for connecting the auxiliary circuits is located on the terminal diagram on
the inside of the respective auxiliary terminal or terminal box cover.
● In some cases a terminal strip is installed in the main terminal box for the auxiliary circuit
● The required stripped length on conductors for auxiliary terminals differs according to
Adapting the cable glands
A plate is bolted to the terminal box enclosure via a rectangular cutout through which the
connecting cables enter. The plate is generally delivered with threaded holes and cable glands.
1. Open the auxiliary terminal box and undo the cable entry plate screws.
2. For the undrilled version, drill the required number of holes or threads in the required size
3. Mark the cables if necessary for subsequent assignment.
4. Pull the cables through the cable glands and the cable entry plate, and connect the cables.
5. Fit the cable entry plate.
6. Make sure that the seal on the screwed sockets for the cable glands satisfies the degree
See also
Tightening torques for screw and bolt connections (Page 145)
Spare parts (Page 125)
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 05/2014
section as defined by required length of cable, etc.
terminal type (6 to 9 mm). When the length is correct, the conductor should reach the stop
in the terminal and at the same time the conductor insulation should reach the contact part
of the terminal.
of the cable gland into the cable entry plate.
of protection.
Electrical connection
6.5 Connecting the auxiliary circuits


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