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For Use In Hazardous Zone 2 Or Zone 22 - Siemens 1LA8 Operating Instructions Manual

Simotics tn series n-compact induction motor.
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Safety information

2.5 For use in hazardous Zone 2 or Zone 22

Flammable substances
Chemical substances required for the setup, operation and maintenance of machines may
be flammable.
Burns and other damage to health and material may result.
● Read the information in these operating instructions and the product information supplied
● Observe the relevant safety regulations and wear the personal protective equipment
Noise emissions
During operation, the machine's noise emission levels can exceed those permitted at the
workplace, which can cause hearing damage.
Take steps to reduce noise, such as introducing covers and protective insulation or adopting
hearing protection measures, so that the machine can be operated safely within your system.
For use in hazardous Zone 2 or Zone 22
Electrical systems in hazardous zones must be assembled, installed, and operated by the
applicable responsible persons in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
The basic requirements relating to electrical systems and their operation in hazardous areas
are described, for instance, in EU Directive 1999/92/EC as well as in IEC / EN 60079-14.
Ignition hazards
The assessment of operating risks and local operating conditions and the necessary
monitoring methods must be clarified and made binding by the system operator in consultation
with the responsible supervisory authority. The required measures must be adhered to at all
times. The machine manufacturer cannot provide any generally applicable recommendations.
Please observe the information in these operating instructions.
The basic requirements relating to the assessment of ignition hazards arising from electrical
equipment and their operation in hazardous zones are specified, for instance, in 94/9/EC and
1999/92/EC directives as well as in the IEC / EN 60079 series of standards.
by the manufacturer.
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 05/2014


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