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Regreasing Intervals And Types Of Grease For Operating Roller Bearings - Siemens 1LA8 Operating Instructions Manual

Simotics tn series n-compact induction motor.
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9.1 Inspection and maintenance

Regreasing intervals and types of grease for operating roller bearings

The specified grease data applies to the data specified on the rating plate and for high-quality
grease in accordance with the specifications in these operating instructions. Because these
greases exceed significantly the requirements according to DIN 51825 and ISO 6743‑9, they
permit the specified relubrication intervals.
Initial lubrication
The grease specified on the lubricant plate is selected according to the operating conditions
known at the time of ordering and should be used for initial lubrication.
Grease selection criteria
High quality ISO‑L‑X BDEA3 lubricating grease according to ISO 6743-9 and K3K‑20
lubricating grease according to DIN 51825 with lithium soap as a thickener and an upper
service temperature of at least +130° C / +266° F are permissible for standard applications
without special requirements.
When selecting the lubricating grease, ensure that the technical data of the grease is suitable
for the application.
The lubricating grease must satisfy the criteria listed in the table below and must match the
operating conditions.
Table 9-3
Criteria for selecting roller bearing greases
Type of base oil
Consistency in accordance with
NLGI class
Operating temperature range
Dropping point
Basic oil viscosity
FE9 test: A/1500/6000
Behavior in the presence of water
Corrosive effect on copper
Resistance to corrosion (EMCOR)
Property, characteristic value
Mineral oil
DIN 51818
● "3" for vertical and horizontal types of
● "2" alternatively for horizontal type of
construction with reduced lubrication interval
At least -20° C ... +130° C
DIN ISO 2176
At least +180° C
DIN 51562-1
● Approx. 100 mm²/s at 40° C
● Approx. 10 mm²/s at 100° C
● Anti-Oxidation (AO), Anti-Wear (AW)
● No solid lubricants
● Alternative: Extreme-pressure (EP) only after
consultation with grease and bearing
DIN 51821-1/-2
F10 ≥ 50 h at +130° C
F50 ≥ 100 h at +130° C
DIN 51807
0 or 1 at a test temperature of +90° C
DIN 51811
0 or 1 at a test temperature of +120° C
DIN 51802 /
0 - 0
ISO 11007
Corr. °
Corr. °
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 05/2014


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