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Machine Overheating Caused By Dust - Siemens 1LA8 Operating Instructions Manual

Simotics tn series n-compact induction motor.
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8.2 Machine overheating caused by dust

Faults in operation
Deviations from normal operation such as increased power consumption, temperatures or
vibrations, unusual noises or odors, tripping of monitoring devices, etc., indicate that the
machine is not functioning properly. This can cause faults which can result in eventual or
immediate death, serious injury or material damage.
● Immediately inform the maintenance personnel.
● If you are in doubt, immediately switch off the motor, being sure to observe the system-
Risk of corrosion due to condensate
Humid air can condense inside the machine during operation as a result of intermittent duty
or load fluctuations. Condensate can collect inside the motor. Damage such as rust can result.
Make sure that any condensation can drain away freely.
Explosion hazard if the bridging is removed from the insulated bearing
Removing the factory-fitted bridging of the insulated bearing leads to potential differences
between the rotor and the grounded motor. This can cause the generation of sparks, which
especially in an explosive atmosphere can ignite surrounding dust or combustible gases.
Explosions can occur. There is also a risk of an electric shock. Death, serious injury, or
material damage will result.
Do not open the bridging of the bearing insulation during operation.
Machine overheating caused by dust
Explosion hazard due to overheating of the machine caused by a layer of dust
Layers of dust thicker than 5mm can insulate the machine, resulting in overheating. The
maximum surface temperature of the machine cannot be adhered to. The dust can ignite,
resulting in an explosion. This can result in death, serious injury or material damage.
Dust the machine regularly. Do not allow dust layers thicker than 5 mm to build up on the
machine surface. Do not switch the machine on until the dust has been removed.
specific safety conditions.
SIMOTICS TN Series N-compact 1LA8
Operating Instructions 05/2014


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