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Replacing The Lamp; Closing The Door - AEG A92860GNX3 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Door is misaligned or inter-
feres with ventilation grill.
The temperature in the ap-
pliance is too low/too high.
E1 is flashing the tempera-
ture display.
E 2 is flashing in the temper-
ature display.
E 3 or E 5 is flashing in the
temperature display.
Ice maker icon is flashing.
A rattling noise.
If the advice does not lead
to the desired result, contact
the nearest Authorised
Service Centre.

7.2 Closing the door

1. Clean the door gaskets.
2. If necessary, adjust the door. Refer to
3. If necessary, replace the defective
door gaskets. Contact the Authorised
Service Centre.
Possible cause
The appliance is not level-
The temperature regulator
is not set correctly.
The food products' tem-
perature is too high.
The door has been
opened often.
The FROSTMATIC function
is switched on.
There is no cold air circula-
tion in the appliance.
No water supply.
The ice channel in the
door is blocked.
The ice maker is defective. Contact the nearest Author-
The ice container is in in-
correct position.
The ice being stirred to
prevent it from freezing to-

7.3 Replacing the lamp

The appliance is equipped with a longlife
LED interior light.
Only service is allowed to replace the
lighting device. Contact your Authorised
Service Centre.
Refer to "Levelling".
Set a higher/lower tempera-
Let the food products temper-
ature decrease to room tem-
perature before storage.
Open the door only if necessa-
Refer to "FROSTMATIC func-
Make sure that there is cold air
circulation in the appliance.
Carry out the necessary meas-
ures on the water supply. Press
any button to reset the Alarm.
Remove the obstacle. Press
any button to reset the Alarm.
ised Service Centre.
Remove the ice container and
place it correctly. Refer to "Re-
moving the ice container".
No measure necessary, this
sound is normal. As an alterna-
tive, refer to "To activate the
night mode".


Table of Contents

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