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Daily Use - AEG A92860GNX3 User Manual

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alarm sounds. At that time, remove any
drinks contained in the freezer
compartment, and press the Minute
Minder button to switch off the sound
and terminate the function.
To change the time during the
countdown or at the end, press the
Temperature button.
To deactivate the function at any time
during the countdown, repeat the
procedure until the Minute Minder icon
turns off.
3.10 High temperature alarm
Temperature increase in the freezer
compartment (for example due to an
earlier power failure or door is open) is
indicated by:
• flashing the alarm and freezer
temperature indicators;
• sounding of buzzer.
Press any button.
The buzzer switches off.
The freezer temperature indicator shows
the highest temperature reached for a
few seconds. Then show again the set
The alarm indicator continue to flash
until the normal conditions are restored.
3.11 Door open alarm
An acoustic alarm will sound if the door
is left open for a few minutes. The door
open alarm conditions are indicated by:
• a flashing alarm indicator;
• an acoustic buzzer.
When normal conditions are restored
(door closed), the alarm will stop.
During the alarm phase, the buzzer can
be switched off by pressing any control
panel button.


Refer to Safety chapters.
3.12 Lighting
The ice dispenser lighting illuminates
automatically when operated.
3.13 For continuous lighting
Make sure that the ice dispenser is
Press the Light button and the lighting
goes on.
Brightness is now about 20% until the
dispenser is used.
3.14 Switch off the lighting
Make sure that the ice dispenser is
Press the light button and the lighting
goes out.
3.15 Night mode
This function is used to terminate the
icemaking during the darker period of
the day.
To switch on or off the night mode press
the night mode button.
The night mode icon is shown when the
night mode is activated.
3.16 Dispensing of ice
The dispensing of ice starts when the
dispenser lever is fully depressed and
continues until the lever is released.
Stop delivery by removing the container
from the dispenser lever.
3.17 Rapid dispensing of ice
If increased ice dispensing is desired
press the rapid ice button and hold it
and then push the dispenser lever.
4.1 Freezing fresh food
The freezer compartment is suitable for
freezing fresh food and storing frozen
and deep-frozen food for a long time.


Table of Contents

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