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Defrosting The Freezer; Periodic Cleaning; Cleaning The Ice Maker - AEG A92860GNX3 User Manual

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This appliance contains
hydrocarbons in its cooling
unit; maintenance and
recharging must therefore
only be carried out by
authorized technicians.
The accessories and parts of
the appliance are not
suitable for washing in a

6.2 Periodic cleaning

Do not pull, move or
damage any pipes and/or
cables inside the cabinet.
Take care of not to damage
the cooling system.
When moving the cabinet,
lift it by the front edge to
avoid scratching the floor.
The equipment has to be cleaned
1. Clean the inside and accessories with
lukewarm water and some neutral
2. Regularly check the door seals and
wipe clean to ensure they are clean
and free from debris.
3. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
4. If accessible, clean the condenser
and the compressor at the back of
the appliance with a brush.
This operation will improve the
performance of the appliance and
save electricity consumption.

6.3 Cleaning the ice maker

When necessary, clean the surfaces of
the dispenser and the ice container that
are accessible from the outside, using
only a soft cloth and warm water.
Ensure that the ice container is
thoroughly dry before being refitted.
Do not use detergents or
abrasive paste.

6.4 Defrosting the freezer

The freezer compartment is frost free.
This means that there is no build up of
frost when it is in operation, neither on
the internal walls nor on the foods.
The absence of frost is due to the
continuous circulation of cold air inside
the compartment, driven by an
automatically controlled fan.
6.5 Periods of non-operation
When the appliance is not in use for long
periods, take the following precautions:
1. Switch off the ice maker.
2. Turn off the water connection.
3. Empty the ice container.
4. Disconnect the appliance from
electricity supply.
5. Remove all food.
6. Clean the appliance and all
7. Leave the door/doors open to
prevent unpleasant smells.
When the ice maker starts again, do not
use ice produced during the first day to
ensure fresh taste.
If the cabinet will be kept on,
ask somebody to check it
once in a while to prevent
the food inside from spoiling
in case of a power failure.
6.6 Cleaning the ventilation
Make sure the door is open.
The ventilation grille can be removed for
1. Loosen the edge of the grille by
pulling it according to the figure.


Table of Contents

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