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Storage Of Frozen Food - AEG A92860GNX3 User Manual

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To freeze small amount of fresh foods it
is not necessary to change the present
To freeze fresh food activate the
FROSTMATIC function at least 24 hours
before placing the food to be frozen in
the freezer compartment.
Place the fresh food to be frozen in all
compartments except the lowest one.
The maximum amount of food that can
be frozen in 24 hours is specified on the
rating plate, a label located on the inside
of the appliance.
The freezing process lasts 24 hours:
during this period do not add other food
to be frozen.
When the freezing process is completed,
return to the required temperature (see
"FROSTMATIC Function").

4.2 Storage of frozen food

When first starting-up or after a period
out of use, let the appliance run at least 2
hours before putting products in the
freezer compartment.
The freezer baskets ensure that it is quick
and easy to find the food packages you
want. If large quantities of food are to be
stored, remove all drawers except for the
bottom basket which secures good air
It is possible to place food that protrudes
15 mm from the door on all shelves
except the top one.
In the event of accidental
defrosting, for example due
to a power failure, if the
power has been off for
longer that the value shown
in the technical
characteristics chart under
"rising time", the defrosted
food must be consumed
quickly or cooked
immediately and then re-
frozen (after cooling).
4.3 Thawing
Deep-frozen or frozen food, prior to
being used, can be thawed in the
refrigerator compartment or at room
temperature, depending on the time
available for this operation.
Small pieces may even be cooked still
frozen, directly from the freezer: in this
case, cooking will take longer.
4.4 Removing the ice container
The ice container can be removed.
1. Tilt up and pull the ice container
outwards to removal.
When the ice container is pulled out,
this stops all the functions of the ice
2. When refitting (if necessary) the ice
container feed screw should be
positioned against the rear flange.
4.5 Shelf above ice maker
The shelf above the ice
maker cannot be removed.


Table of Contents

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