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Connecting Audio In/Out; Connecting Alarms - Siemens SISTORE AX8 1000/200 V4.0 Installation Manual

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Connecting Audio In/Out


Connecting alarms

Siemens AG
A VGA connector is provided so that you can use a standard, multi-sync computer
monitor as your main monitor. Use the cable supplied with your monitor to connect
it to the DVR.
The VGA and Video Out (BNC) connectors may be connected to individual monitors for simultaneous
Please note the technical specification for the VGA output in Section 3: Technical data.
Fig. 7
Audio input/output connectors
Your DVR can record audio from up to four sources. Connect the audio sources to
Audio In 1, Audio In 2, Audio In 3 and Audio In 4 as needed using RCA jacks.
Connect Audio Out to your amplifier.
It is the user's responsibility to determine if local laws and regulations permit recording audio.
The DVR does not have amplified audio output, so you will need a speaker with an amplifier. The DVR
does not have a pre-amplifier for audio input, so the audio input should be from an amplified source,
not directly from a microphone.
Fig. 8
Alarm Input connectors
To make connections on the Alarm Connector Strip, press and hold the button and insert the wire in
the hole below the button. After releasing the button, tug gently on the wire to make certain it is
connected. To disconnect a wire, press and hold the button above the wire and pull out the wire.
AI 1 to 16 (Alarm-In)
You can use external devices to signal the DVR to react to events.
Mechanical or electrical switches can be wired to the AI (Alarm-In) and
GND (Ground) connectors. When the electrical switch is wired, the
threshold voltage for NC (Normally Closed) is above 2.4V and for NO
(Normally Open) is below 0.3 V and should be stable at least 0.5 seconds
to be detected. For further information please refer to the Configuration &
Operation Manual: Section Alarm-In screen.
GND (Ground)
Connect the ground side of the alarm input and/or alarm output to the
GND connector.



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