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Installation With Fat16 Data File Structure - Siemens SINUMERIK 810D Commissioning Manual

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Installation with FAT16 data file structure

You will need a PC or a PG with a CD-ROM drive.
INTERSVR is used on the external PG/PC to transfer the software to the PCU. It can only be
operated under DOS/Windows 3.11/Windows 95/Windows 98 if the PG/PC has a hard disk
partition with a FAT16 data file structure (not FAT32!).
This function transfers the HMI software to be installed to D:\INSTALL. The actual installation
is carried out when the computer next boots, provided the software includes an exe file, e.g.,
The parallel interface for the HMI software installation must be used for the transfer.
Prior to the installation process, ensure that hard-disk partition D has sufficient free memory
Operator action
1. Switch off the PCU.
2. Using the parallel connecting cable (PC-Link cable, LapLink cable), connect the parallel
3. Copy the HMI Advanced directory from the CD to drive C:\ on your PG/PC's hard disk
4. The HMI software installation routine is started when called in the Windows Start menu
PCU Basesoftware (IM6)
Commissioning Manual, 10/2006, 6FC5397-0DP10-0BA0
port LPT on the PG/PC to port LPT on the PCU:
– Transfer mode: Parallel
– PC/PG - LPT1
– PCU - LPT (25-pin)
and rename it "MMC2". If there is insufficient memory space available on drive C:\ or it
does not have a FAT16 data file structure, you can also use another local hard disk drive
(e.g., D:\). The software cannot be installed directly from the CD.
with command Run Intersvr C: (or drive on which directory MMC2 is stored).
If your PC/PG is in this state, the PCU MUST be switched off. (If the PCU is still switched
on, switch it off now.)
Installing software and network operation
3.1 Installing software and software update


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