Ada-L Unit Connection For Sending Recorded Calls To The Telephone; Apr-L Unit - NEC UNIVERGE SV8100 System Hardware Manual

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Issue 5.0
6 - 38
ADA-L UNIT Connection for Sending Recorded Calls to
the Telephone


The APR-L UNIT (Analog Port Ringer) provides an analog interface for the
DTL terminal. The APR-L UNIT adapter provides ringing which allows the
connected device to be used for incoming and outgoing calls. This adapter
also provides a separate extension number for the analog device, which
allows both devices to be used at the same time (this can be removed in
system programming if you wish). One terminal can have an APR-L UNIT
The maximum distance between the APR-L UNIT and the analog terminal is
49 feet.
With the APR-L UNIT adapter installed, and the analog device attached to the
adapter is in use, the telephone cannot be used as there is only one physical
port number assigned to the telephone. If both the analog device and
telephone are picked up at the same time, the analog device takes priority. If
the terminal user is on a call and the single line telephone is picked up, the
single line telephone takes the call from the terminal user.
Set the ADA-L UNIT DSW switches (see
6-23 ADA-L UNIT on page
Set DSW 6 to ON.
When sending recorded calls
to the telephone, set DSW
switch 1 to ON.
Using the mini-plug connection cord, connect the
the ADA-L Unit IN jack to the cassette recorder EAR
PHONE jack (Refer to
Figure 6-28 ADA-L IN Jack Connection
Installing SV8100 Optional Equipment
Figure 6-28 ADA-L IN Jack

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents