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Black & Decker GLC1201 Manual page 15

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When the tool will not be used for several months,
ideally leave the battery connected to the charger.
Otherwise proceed as follows:
Fully charge the battery.
Store the tool in a secure and dry location.
The storage temperature must always remain
in the range of +5 °C to +40 °C.
Before using the tool after prolonged storage,
fully charge the battery again.
If your tool seems not to operate properly, follow
the instructions below. If this does not solve the
problem, please contact your local Black & Decker
repair agent.
Tool runs slowly
Check that the spool housing can rotate freely.
Carefully clean it if necessary.
Check that the cutting line does not protrude
more than 10-12 cm from the spool housing.
If it does, cut it off so that it just reaches the
line trimming blade.
Connect the battery to the charger and plug
the charger in. Wait until the green indicator
light lights up to ensure that the battery is fully
Automatic line feed does not work
Keep the tabs depressed and remove the
spool cover from the spool.
Lift the spool approx. 6 mm and pull the
cutting line until it protrudes 8-10 cm from the
housing. If insufficient cutting line is left on the
spool, install a new spool of cutting line as
instructed above.
Push the spool back into place and rotate it
slightly until it is seated.
Align the tabs on the spool cover with the
holes in the housing.
Push the cover onto the housing until it snaps
securely into place.
If the cutting line protrudes beyond the
trimming blade, cut it off so that it just reaches
the blade.
If the automatic line feed still does not work or the
spool is jammed, try the following suggestions:
Carefully clean the spool cover and housing.
Remove the spool and check if the lever (32)
can move freely (fig. E).
Remove the spool and unwind the cutting line,
then wind it on neatly again as described
above. Replace the spool as instructed.
Push the cover onto the housing until it snaps
securely into place.
Battery (fig. O & P)
If possible, operate the tool to run the battery
down completely.
Remove the secondary handle from the tool.
Should you find one day that your tool
needs replacement, or if it is of no further
use to you, think of the protection of the
environment. Black & Decker repair agents
will accept old Black & Decker tools and
ensure that they are disposed of in an
environmentally safe way.
If you want to dispose of the tool yourself,
the battery must be removed as described
below and disposed of in accordance with
local regulations.
The battery liquid contains diluted
sulphuric acid which can be harmful.
Sulphuric acid on the skin will cause
burns and if in contact with the eyes
may cause loss of sight. In case of skin
contact, flush immediately with water.
Neutralize with a mild alkaline solution
such as milk or bicarbonate of soda.
In case of eye contact, rinse abundantly
with clean water for at least 10 minutes.
Seek medical attention.
Do not short-circuit the battery
Be aware that the battery is heavy.
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