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Black & Decker GLC120 Instruction Manual

Cordless grass trimmer


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  • Page 9 Vice President of Engineering Brockville, Ontario K6V 5W6 Canada INTENDED USE Your Black & Decker grass trimmer GLC120 has been designed for trimming and finishing lawn edges and to cut grass in confined spaces. This tool is intended for consumer use only.
  • Page 10 E N G L I S H The intended use is described in this manual. The use of any accessory or attachment or performance of any operation with this tool other than those recommended in this instruction manual may present a risk of personal injury.
  • Page 11 Switch on the tool only when hands and feet are away from the cutting line. Avoid body contact with the cutting line while the tool is running. Do not work on steep slopes. Be sure of your footing. Be aware that freshly cut grass is damp and slippery.
  • Page 12 E N G L I S H CARTON CONTENTS The carton contains: 1 Cordless grass trimmer 1 Charger 1 Guard with mounting screw 1 Wall mount 2 Mounting screws 2 Wall plugs 1 Instruction manual Carefully unpack all parts. OVERVIEW (fig. A) 1.
  • Page 13 L. E N G L I S H Trimming mode (fig. K & M) For trimming, the trimmer head should be in the position shown in fig. K. If it is not: While holding the secondary handle with one hand, depress the head release knob (6) with the other hand (fig.
  • Page 14 E N G L I S H When cutting long grass, work in stages from the top. Keep the tool away from hard objects and delicate plants. If the tool starts running slowly, reduce the load. Edging Optimum cutting results are achieved on edges deeper than 50 mm.
  • Page 15 Storage When the tool will not be used for several months, ideally leave the battery connected to the charger. Otherwise proceed as follows: Fully charge the battery. Store the tool in a secure and dry location. The storage temperature must always remain in the range of +5 °C to +40 °C.
  • Page 16 Failures due to usage not in accordance with instructions and recommendations contained in this manual. GLC120 The use of other than genuine Black & Decker accessories and parts may cause decreased 10,800 performance or damage to the product and will render the guarantee void.
  • Page 17 OTHER OUTDOOR TOOLS Black & Decker has a full range of outdoor power tools that make life in the garden easy. If you would like further information on the following products, please contact our Service and Information Centre (see the address page towards the end of this manual) or your local Black &...
  • Page 20 Australia WALT Industrial Power Tool Company 7 Clarice Road Box Hill, Victoria 3128 New Zealand Black & Decker 81 Hugo Johnson Drive Penrose, Auckland, New Zealand South Africa Black & Decker South Africa (Pty) Ltd Physical address: 146 Lechwe Street Corporate park Randjiesfontein, Midrand Postal address:...
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