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Home; Bookmarks; Last Page; Navigation - Haier A7+ User Manual

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provider change its WAP website or content so that you cannot browse WAP net page, our
company will not inform it. And don't answer for the result caused by it. Please consult
network operator and internet provider to get latest information.

3.7.1 Home

Select the menu, you can enter homepage directly. You can also set the address of homepage
in settings.


By the menu, you can add, manage bookmarks, and directly connect bookmark to definite
website, you can add 10 bookmarks at most.

3.7.3 Last page

Select this menu to directly access the webpage you browse last time

3.7.4 Navigation

Select this menu, you can directly input the website address and browse

3.7.5 Push Inbox

If you receive push information from network, it will be saved in push inbox.

3.7.6 History

Select this menu; you can the latest pages you visited. It can save up to 10 records of page

3.7.7 Settings

Selected the menu, you can set the followings
You can set the profile of browse WAP; edit profile name, account connection settings,
homepage and gateway
Image download
Selected this menu, you can set turn on or turn off picture download function
Play music
Selected this menu, you can set turn on or turn off background music
Clear cache
Selected this menu, you can clear cache
Clear Cookies
Selected this menu, you can clear cookies
Selected this menu, you can set turn on or turn off security function



3.8.1 Calendar

By calendar menu, you can add new incident, view incident list (this month), view all



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