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Entertainment; Camera - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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Voicemail number
Generally speaking, you will have two voicemail numbers obtained from your service provider,
that is,
* One number for leaving messages, and
* The other number for accessing messages
You need to input the number for accessing messages when listening to a voicemail
3.5.8 Text message broadcast
This feature allows you to receive public information such as road report or news. These text
messages are provided by the service provider to all subscribers in a certain area. If you are
one of these subscribers, you will be given information channel numbers that are available.
You can set up to 15 channels.
Receiving a text message broadcast
This feature can be turned on or off. If it is deactivated, whether the channel numbers are
stored or not, you cannot receive any text message broadcast.
When you receive a text message broadcast, your phone gives you a reminder and the
information is displayed, until you select Exit to return to standby. These messages will not be
stored in your phone or the SIM card, and therefore, once you quit reading, such messages
cannot be accessed again.
Note: Using this feature will shorten the standby time.
When there is one more channel number, there is one more topic of text message broadcast.
A channel number comprises up to three digits.
Topics available
You can select any of them and then press the left softkey, and you will be able to:
Change: to change the channel number
Delete: to delete the channel number from the list, and therefore ban all messages of
that topic.

3.6 Entertainment

3.6.1 Camera

Your new phone supports optional external digital camera. Please lift up the rubber washer of
the earphone jack, then, insert the camera.
The optional DC offers photo capturing featuring resolutions of 640×480, 320×240 and 128
×96, among these 3 resolutions, the last one is available for standby background display use.
Photos taken will be stored in JPEG standard format, you can transfer the taken photos to the