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Memory Status; Messages; Write Message - Haier HC-C2100 User Manual

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HC-C2100 User Guide
3. To dial a speed dial number
To access contact numbers that have been assigned numbers from 1 to 9, press and hold
down the assigned number, and the contact number will automatically be dialled.
For example, to speed dial the 8th entry, press and hold down 8 key.
Default speed dial number is:
1=Voice mail (*88)

4.8 Memory status

This function helps you to check the number of entries stored in the names lists.
You can check the memory status of the RUIM card and phone memory, including total
memories and used memories.

5. Messages

5.1 Write message

Allow you to edit text message. When composing text messages, check the number of
characters allowed in the top-right corner of the screen. The character limit for a single
message is 160 characters. When this limit is reached, the phone sounds a tone alert and
displays pop-up message 'Sorry, no more space!'
Press numeric key to input corresponding characters, and then press
key to access
the following message options:
5.1.1 Send
After writing the message, press Send option to input the recipient's number or retrieve a
number from the phone book. Then select Send option to send the message.
5.1.2 Insert templates
When composing an SMS message, you can use the Insert templates option, scroll
through a list of prewritten messages and select the one you want to insert into your new
text message.
5.1.3 Send to many
The option allows you to send a single message to multi-recipients (no more than 10) at a