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Games; Profiles - Haier SG71204HC-C380 User Manual


Table of Contents
Effect: Set special effects;
White Balance: Set white balance;
Settings: Set the image quality, size, tone, the default title and save location;
To My files: View the photo files stored on the phone and memory card.
In the camera viewfinder, press "OK" to take photo. After finished, press "OK" button to save
the current picture; press "RSK" key to return to the viewfinder and the photo will not be
saved. After saving, you can delete or rename the photo files. You can view the photos in
[my files- phone memory / memory card my files- my photos].


In the standby mode, press <menu> to access the Main menu > Tools > Games
:Brick attack.
supports one game
The phone


In the standby mode, press <menu> to access the Main menu>Profiles and one of the
following options:General, Meeting, Outdoor, Silence, My Profile 1, My Profile 2.
Personalize: You can select option for Ring type, Ring tone, Volume, Alerts
Ring Tone: You can select different rings as per you want it.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents