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Haier D1600 User Manual

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Connec t to the world with the new Haier HC-D1600 CDMA. Slim li nes be lie the powe r packe d into
it s slee k ergo nomic frame . Uniq ue aut o-answ er fac ility. E asy fo rmat sched ule org anize r. Call
r estrict ion. So phisti cated features give you e very p ractic al adv antag e in tod ay's w orld o f fast
p aced c ommu nicati on. En hance your r outine and g ive yo urself a new horizon to ex perien ce life
o n the g o. So, befor e you u nleas h the p ower in your hand , Haier recom mend s that you rea d this
U ser G uide. I t will a llow yo u to enjoy th e full a dvant ages o f your phone .
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  Summary of Contents for Haier D1600

  • Page 1 En hance your r outine and g ive yo urself a new horizon to ex perien ce life o n the g o. So, befor e you u nleas h the p ower in your hand , Haier recom mend s that you rea d this U ser G uide.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents 1. Essential Information 1.1 Safety gu idelines 1.2 Care and maintenance information 2. Hands et guide 2.1 Idle mode screen 2.2 Battery 2.3 RUIM card 2.4 Making and receiving a call 2.5 Switching your phone on/off 3. Input method 3.1 Entering digits (123) 3.2 Entering lowerc ase and uppercase letters (abc\ABC) 3.3 Typing by word assoc iation (en\En)
  • Page 3 4.2 Ad d new 4.3 Search 4.4 M ulticop y 4.5 G roups 4.6 Er ase al l 4.7 Speed d ial 4.8 M emory status 4.9 M y number 5. Mess ages 5.1 W rite message 5.2 In box 5.3 O utbox 5.4 Dr aft 5.5 Te mplat es...
  • Page 4 5.9 M ultim edia bo x 5.10 Memo ry sta tus 6 . Call history 6.1 M issed calls 6.2 R eceiv ed cal ls 6.3 D ialled calls 6.4 E rase l ists 6.5 C all tim ers 7 . Tool s 7.1 S chedu ler 7.2 Alarm c lock 7.3 C alcula tor...
  • Page 5 8.3 D isplay 8.4 S ecurit y 8.5 C all se tup 8.6 P hone info 8.7 K eygua rd 9 . Rad io 9.1 C ommo n mod e 9.2 P restor e mod e 1 0. Ga me 10.1 Kong ming 11.
  • Page 6: Contents

    1. Essential Information G i ven he re is essent ial informati on tha t will h elp yo u in th e opti mum o perati on of y our m obile phone. By adhering to these guide lines y ou will be pro tecting yourself fro m unnecessary personal or financ ial damages or inf ringem ents of the law.
  • Page 7 sp arks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in seriou s injury or even fatalities. Switch off your phone on aircraft Fo llow a irline adviso ries o n phon e usa ge. Ra dio Frequency em ission s from wirel ess de vices such as your phone can cau se electronic interference or disturbance in the delicate communication and con trol ele ctronic equipment of the aircraft.
  • Page 8 Do not carry the ph one in a brea st poc ket. Prefer ably us e the ear op posite the pa cema ker to minim ize the poten tial for interf erence . If yo u have any re ason to sus pect in terfer ence is occurring, s witch off you r phon e imm ediate ly. Other Med ical Device s If yo u use a ny other pe rsonal medic al dev ice, do consult the manufacturer of the medic al dev ice to de termin e if it is ade quatel y shiel ded from ext ernal R F ene rgy.
  • Page 9: Care And Maintenance Information

    1.2 Care and maintenance information Your ph one i s an e l ectro n ic de v ice th at sh o uld b e treat e d wi t h due c are d uring us age . Th e g uidelin es giv en he re will help you in c aring f or you r phon e and k eep it under warran ty cov erage.
  • Page 10 Do not disassemble the phone or its accessories. If service or repair is required, contact a Ha ier authorized serv ice centre. Do not inadvertentl y caus e shor t-circuit by placing metal or conductive material across or on batter y term inals. Keep your p hone and accessories out of the reach of children.
  • Page 11: Handset Guide

    2. Handset guide The illustrati on below dis plays t he ma in com ponen ts of y our Ha ier HC -D160 0 CDM A pho ne. Speak er Displa y Four ways n avigat ion key Left soft key Right soft ke y Send key Power /End k ey...
  • Page 12 T he list below provid es a short descriptio n of th e keyp ad fun ctions on your Haier HC-D1600 CDMA p hone. D escripti on · D ial or answe r a ca ll · E nter t he rec ent ca ll list ·...
  • Page 13: Idle Mode Screen

    · E nter t he dig its 0 to 9 WXYZ · E nter t he ass ociate d char acters or perform a ssociated fu nction s · P ress a nd ho ld to lo ck the phone , and press 123 to unlock ·...
  • Page 14 Indica tes th e new text m essage arriv al Indica tes SMS sto rage full Indica tes a n ew smart m essage arriv al Indica tes a n ew smart m essage and t ext me ssage arriva l Indica tes alarm se tting is on Indica tes a c all is c onne cted Indica tes vo ice ma il arriv al...
  • Page 15: Battery 1

    2.1.2 Idle mode scre en even ts 1. Idle mode The mobile phone en ters id le mode without any operations after the phone is switch ed on. You ca n view the current time a nd date in idl e mod e. 2.
  • Page 16 1. Ensur e your phone is turned off. 2. Remo ve the batter y cove r. 3. Use your fingernai l to gently lift the lo wer ed ge of the battery o utwards. 4. Take out the battery. PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  • Page 17 2.2.2 Chargi ng the b attery The HC- D1600 can b e char ged ei ther when it is switched o n or of f. 1. Plug the cha rger tr ansformer in to a st andar d outlet. 2. Insert the ch arger output into chargin g port of the bottom of the phon e.
  • Page 18: Ruim Card

    2.3 RUIM card Purchas e a RUIM card from network op erator. Your phone number and registration inform ation ar e stor ed in y our RUIM ca rd. Yo ur RUIM car d can be used in any CDM A phone. Your number and informatio n will not cha nge.
  • Page 19: Making And Receiving A Call

    2.4 Making and receiving a call 2.4.1 To make a call You can use th e func tion only after the n etwork-prompting icon is shown on screen. 1. Dialling Se lect a desired ent ry from the n ames list or direct ly ty pe in th e phon e num ber in idle m ode, pr ess key to dial .
  • Page 20: Switching Your Phone On/Off

    Or press [Ignore ] to re ject th e inco ming call. If Mess ages Mes sage s etting se nd default messag e is set to 'On', here default mess age will be se nt to caller's handset automatically. 2.4.3 During a phone cal l Duri ng a p hone c all, by press ing key, you c an view the f ollowin g opti ons:...
  • Page 21 I f you m ake a wrong entry, you c an pre ss key to re-e nter th e code. Note : If yo u hav e ent ered PIN c ode in correc tly co ntinuo usly fifteen time s,RUIM card will be auto matically loc ked.
  • Page 22: Input Method 1

    3. Input method Your phone provides eZi in put me thod. You can enter alph anume ric ch aracters wh en working wi th the names or wh en you are u sing th e mes saging servi ce, etc. Under th e text-editing mod e, pres s key to switch the input m ethod.
  • Page 23: Typing By Word Association (En\En)

    . If you want to enter a letter, whi ch is on the s ame k ey, you can wait for 0.5 s econd s unti l the cursor appears, or press left/right navigatio n key t o mov e the cursor, so that you can ta p the key again.
  • Page 24: Names

    4. Names You can store n ames and p hone numbe rs as entries in nam es lis t. The se ent ries ar e stor ed in yo ur phone or RUIM card m emory. Once store d, a number can be quick ly retri eved and dialled. Your phone memory capaci ty is 200 entries an d the RUIM card m emory depen ds on the net work se rvice providers.
  • Page 25: Add New

    4.1.7 Send a s vC ard A vCard is an e lectronic (or virtua l) business c ard. It is a po werful new means of allowing people ex chang e their perso nal informat ion wit h each other. W ith this feature, you can s end th e selected number as vC ard for mat to others.
  • Page 26: Multicopy

    4.4 Multicopy W ith the multic opy fu nction , you c an copy records from the RUIM card to the phone memory and vic e versa. By selec ting 'Copy al l' you c an co py all of the entries between RUIM ca rd and phone memory. By selec ting 'Copy se lecte d', you can s elect one or more of the entrie s from the na mes list to co py it.
  • Page 27: Erase All

    You can View group, Add group name, Change group name and Erase group n ame here. By default the n ames list are alloc ated to the 'No group'. 4.6 Erase all Be fore ac cessi ng this option, you will be aske d to e nter lo ck code (By defaul t is 0000). This feature allows complete erasing of all contacts either in RUIM card mem ory or Phone mem ory, the information thus deleted is unrecoverable.
  • Page 28: Memory Status

    the assigne d num ber, an d the contac t num ber wil l autom atica lly be d ialled . To ac cess c ontact numb ers tha t have been assigned nu mbers from 1 0 to 9 9, type the a ssigne d numb er foll owed b y key a nd the n pres s k ey.
  • Page 29: Messages

    5. Messages 5.1 Write message Al low you to edit text messa ge. When composing text messages, c heck the number of characters allowed in the top-rig ht cor ner of the sc reen. The c haract er limi t for a single mess age is 160 ch aracters.
  • Page 30: Inbox

    5.1.4 Insert number The In sert nu mber option allow s you t o inse rt a co ntact numbe r dire ctly wh ile co mposi ng the messa ge. 5.1.5 Save The Sa ve op tion allows you to s ave th e cont ents of the edited m essag e to th e Draft. 5.2 Inbox Inbox c ontain s the receiv ed me ssages .
  • Page 31 Indi cates an old normal message which is stored in ph one m emory. Indi cates a new urgent message wh ich is stored in pho ne memory. Indi cates an old urgent mess age which is stored in phone memory. Fr om the mess age vi ew, yo u can press key to access the following option s: 5.2.1 Reply...
  • Page 32: Outbox

    5.3 Outbox O utbox contains sent and unsent messages. The message icons in outb ox Icon Description Indi cates a sent message which is s tored in RUIM card mem ory. Indi cates an unsent me ssage which is stored in RUIM card m emory. Indi cates a sent message which is s tored in pho ne memory.
  • Page 33: Templates

    5.5 Templates For convenience, the phon e offer s you a list of 9 sho rt prewritten messages. You can custo mize 12 new t empla tes. Yo u can selec t the o ne you want to insert into your new text me ssage for a quick re ply.
  • Page 34: Message Setting

    kn ow by beeping, dis playin g a me ssage, or both. If you receive more t han one mes sage, your phone s hows the num ber of mess ages y ou ha ve rec eived. To listen to voice mai l you have received, you will ne ed to press and hol d dow n key.
  • Page 35 5.8.5 Delivery reports O ften yo u would like to know whether your me ssage has been de livered or is still pe nding . You can che ck this status by se tting t he De livery report s optio n to 'O n' or 'Off'. B y sett ing it t o On, yo u will receive a del ivery c onfirmation when t he me ssage is deli vered.
  • Page 36: M Ultim Edia Bo

    5.8.9 Send d efault m ess age If this fe ature c an be set to 'On', when you ignore the incoming ca ll, the default message w ill be automat ically sent to the ca ller's phone number. 5.8.10 Default message By default its c ontents are ' I'm busy.
  • Page 37: Call History

    6. Call history Your p hone can re cord re cent c all act ivity an d sav e a tot al of 3 0 rece iv ed, d ialed and m i sse d calls . 6.1 Missed calls This o ption a llows you to view t he list of rece nt mis sed calls.
  • Page 38: Erase Lists

    3. Call Allo w you to cal l the av ailabl e num ber. 4. Erase You can erase th e sele cted c all rec ord. 5. Erase a ll Thi s function can be u sed to erase all the missed/dialled/rec eived calls h istory. 6.4 Erase lists You can erase all your recent call historie s.
  • Page 39: Tools

    7. Tools Tools men u offe rs you the functions of the Sche duler, Alarm clock , Calc ulator, Tip c alcula tor, Stop watc h. 7.1 Scheduler You can u se the scheduler f unction to se t rem inder/ alerts for v a rious e v ents , me e tings a n d mo re.
  • Page 40: Calculator

    The a larm c lock is base d on th e syst em ne twork clock. It sou nds an alert at any time y ou wa nt. 7.2.1 Enable/Disable This functio n allo ws you to switch an alarm on or off. 7.2.2 Set tim e You c an set the al arm tim e by using t his fea ture.
  • Page 41: Tip Calculator

    To c lear th e ente red n umber or ope rand, press key [C lear]. To c alcula te the result , press ke y. 3.If y ou wis h to st art a n ew cal culatio n, pre ss key [Opti ons] to selec t Rese t.
  • Page 42: Settings

    8. Settings 8.1 Ringers You can alloc ate different ringer s for C all, SM S or Alarm. 8.2 Profiles P rofiles allow you to custo mize y our ph one as per y our pre ferenc es. You can custom ize a whole r ange o f settings as per yo ur dai ly lifes tyle ne eds.
  • Page 43: Display

    8.2.5 Ale rts Yo u can chang e the s tatus of aler ts deta iled b elow. 1. Service cha nge W hen th e alert for 'Service chang e' is enabled , it me ans that eve ry time your phone has lo st the se rvice ( Network Sig nal) or regai ned th e servi ce (Network Signa l) a ph one alert is s ounde d.
  • Page 44: Security

    langu age o r adjus t LCD contra st. 8.3.1 Banner You c a n ed it the banne r that will be displ ayed b elow your m o bile phon e serv ic e pr o vider 's name .
  • Page 45 The lo ck co de can be se t to p rotect your phone from unau thoriz ed use . I t c a n b e s et t o a ut om atica lly lock your p hone each t ime it is swit ched o n or is in idle mode . The lo ck c o de is a four digi t n umbe r whic h is s e t at 00 00.
  • Page 46 restric ted op tion. This functio n inc ludes the fo llowin g opti ons: 1. Dia lled c alls If it is set to 'Yes', a ll outg oing c alls ex cept e merge ncy calls will be prohibite d. 2.
  • Page 47: Call Setup

    2. Dis able P IN This o ption can be used to set the PIN disa ble. 3. Ch ange PIN This o ption is use d to ch ange t he RUIM card PIN code. The 'P IN ma nagem ent' o ption must b e set t o Enable PIN and y ou mu st ent er th e old P I N cod e before you can proceed.
  • Page 48 8.5.3 Auto redial This s etting allow s you t o auto matica lly red ial the numb er if th e first attemp t was unsuc cessfu l. 8.5.4 Answer call “ ” “ ” You c an ans wer a call by press ing Any ke y Sen d key 8.5.5 Show call time...
  • Page 49: Phone Info

    netwo rk ser vice o r switc hed of f. 8.5.7 Call waiting If you r mobile pho ne service p rovide r supp orts th is fea ture, t he cal l waitin g noti fies yo u of a n incom ing ca ll even while you a re on a call.
  • Page 50: Radio

    9. Radio With FM rad io fea ture, y ou ca n use your p hone t o tune , save chann els, a nd liste n to F M radi o statio ns wh en hea dset is plugg ed int o your phone . In idle mode press Menu R adio Sele ct to e nter th e radio main interfa ce, he re the radio is...
  • Page 51 9.1.3 Save channel Save a favo urite c hanne l to ch annel list. 9.1.4 Set frequency Allow you to input a freq uency manu ally. T he dig its yo u inpu t will b e auto matic al ly se t to th e curre nt freq uency.
  • Page 52: Prestore Mode

    In diff erent countr y, the range of ban d is dif ferent. 2. Tuning p recisi on Phon e prov ides 3 option s: Low, Mid a nd Hi gh. It can be us ed to t une FM station acc ording to rad io sign al stre ngth. 3.
  • Page 53 Set ra dio to comm on mo de. “ ” Refer to 9 .1 Com mon mode 9.2.3 Renam e channel Input the cu rrent c hanne l nam e and s ave it . 9.2.4 Auto tuning Autom atica lly sea rch for and s ave av ailabl e chan nels to channel list. Previo usly s aved c hanne ls will b e repla ced.
  • Page 54: 0. Ga Me

    This f unctio n is th e mob ile service pr ovide r's valu e add ed ser vice f or CDM A ena bled p hone s. 12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Here you will find answe rs to q uestio ns tha t you m ay ha ve ab o ut yo ur Hai e r HC- D1600 mobi le phon e.
  • Page 55 Q. Ho w do I chang e the Securi ty Cod e? A. Se ttings Se curity En ter Lo ck cod e (By Defau lt is 00 00) Cha nge co de Ente r Lock code (enter a ny co de whi ch you are a ble to r emem ber ea sily) Con firm L ock co de Selec t Q.
  • Page 56 Q. Ho w do I lock th e key pad? A. Yo u can l ock th e keyp ad by following the proce dure g iven h ere. Setti n gs Keyg uard Cu s tomiz e S et tim e (ent er the amo u nt of t i me in m inut es aft e r which the k eypad lock is activ ated) Press and h old do wn the * key in idle mode to ena ble the keyp ad lock imme diatel y.
  • Page 57: 3. Tro Uble S Hooting

    Q . How do I fin d my p hone's ESN (electronic s erial n umber )? A. Turn off you r phon e. Remove the batt ery from the back of the phone. Your phone' s ESN number is printed on the sti cker that is p asted on the rear c over, and is labeled "ESN." Q .
  • Page 58 Probl em Solu tion Make s ure th e batte ry is in stalle d correctly a nd cha rged. The p hone cannot be switc hed on . T he co ntacts on th e battery and cha rger must b e clea n and dry. Plea se Ins ert RUIM.
  • Page 59 C heck the sig nal s tren gth indic ato r on scre en. If th e sig nal is to o Canno t m ake wea k, mov e outd oor to obtai n a stro ng sig nal. receiv e a call.
  • Page 60 Ch eck th e bat tery to make sure it is install ed pro perly and T he phone sw itches it self of f. ch arged. Ma ke sur e your phone is no t set to silenc e mod e. T he other pa rty is u nable to hea r what Ma ke sur e you do not block the mi cropho ne.

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