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Direct Access; Menu Driven Access; Keypad Menu Timeout; Engineer Mode - Honeywell Galaxy 18Galaxy Programming Manual

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Menu Access
There are two methods of selecting menu options:

Direct Access:

Code + ent + option number + ent.

Menu Driven Access:

Code + ent + A (to select menu level) + ent;
A key (to select menu option) + ent.
Direct Access
Entering a valid menu option number while in the menu immediately moves to that option. For example, press-
ing 52 when the keypad is displaying 22 = DISPLAY LOG moves directly to option
52 = PROGRAM ZONES; Pressing 8 while accessing the PROGRAM ZONES option moves directly to
8 = Group. The option number entered must be valid for the level of the menu structure that is currently being
Menu Driven Access
Menu driven access allows the engineer (and users) to enter the menu and, by using the A and B keys, navi-
gate through the available options. The options are accessed by pressing the ent key. If you press and hold
the A key it will scroll forward through the options and if you press and hold the B key it will scroll backwards
through the options.

Keypad Menu Timeout

Once the user menu has been accessed (irrespective of user level), if there are no keypresses for 2 minutes,
then the keypad timeout occurs; the system returns to the banner text.
NOTE: This feature does not apply when the system is in the Walk Test option. If no zones are tested or no
keypresses occur for 20 minutes when Walk Test is selected, then the keypad timeout occurs. In
Menu Option 66 (Pre-check) there is also a 20 minute timeout after the last zone has been

Engineer Mode

To program the Galaxy, the system must be in engineering mode. This allows access to the engineer menu
options 50 = ENGINEER 1 and 60 = ENGINEER 2.
Accessing Engineer Mode (Galaxy 8, 18, 60, 128, 500 & 504)
To access engineer mode, enter the engineer code twice.
Engineer Code + ent + Engineer Code + ent
The default engineer code is 112233.
The first entry of the code activates a tamper alarm. The second entry of the code cancels this alarm and puts
the system into engineer mode; 10 = SETTING, [ENT] TO SELECT is displayed on the keypad. While
engineer mode is accessed, all tampers are disabled, however, all constantly alert zone types — PA zone
types, 24 Hour, Security, Fire & Mask — remain active.
On accessing engineering mode, any group that is set becomes inaccessible to the engineer. The set groups
cannot be assigned to zones, outputs and any other functions permitting group allocation.
NOTE: The Galaxy 60, 128, 500 and 504 can be assigned manager authorised engineer access by adding a # to
the engineer code. Engineer access is then gained as described in the following paragraphs.
Galaxy Programming Manual

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