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Section 8: Engineer 1; Option 51 - Parameters; Assigning Parameters To Groups - Honeywell Galaxy 18Galaxy Programming Manual

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51 - Parameters

Section 8: Engineer 1

Option 51 – Parameters
This option allows the engineer to modify the system functions. Options can be selected using the A or B keys
or by entering the two digit parameter number and pressing the ent key. The selected options can then be
programmed by using the A key to increase or the B key to decrease the values assigned to the parameter;
pressing the ent key accepts the new value and returns to the previous menu level. Any parameters that differ
from this procedure are indicated in the following paragraphs. The parameters also prompt the engineer on
which keys to press.
For example, press:
1 then 6
parameter 16 = Soak Time selected;
currently soak time is displayed along with the programmable range
value of the required soak time, the display shows the new value
accept the programming and return to 16 = Soak Time displayed.
NOTE: Default settings must be changed before programming in Menu Option 55 – Soak.

Assigning Parameters to Groups

Several of the parameters allow separate values to be assigned to the groups on the system. If groups have
been enabled, the relevant parameters prompt for a group to be selected; when selected, the value is assigned
to the group parameter using the procedure outlined in the previous example.
The parameters that permit group selection are indicated in the following paragraphs.
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