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Honeywell GALAXY 16103 User Manual

Honeywell GALAXY 16103 User Manual

Programmable alarm control panel


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  • Page 1: User Guide

    Galaxy 2-44 User Guide Honeywell Security...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ... iii Introduction ... 1 Controlling Your Alarm System ... 2 Users ... 2 Groups ... 2 Keypads ... 3 Prox Tags/Cards ... 3 Wireless Keyfobs ... 4 Setting the System — Full Set ... 4 Setting the System — Part or Night Set ... 5 Setting with Faults ...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    Introduction The Galaxy 2-44 is a programmable alarm control panel that will allow you to protect your home or business by providing secure and reliable intruder detection. The system can be fully tailored by your installer to operate in the most convenient way for your lifestyle or working practice.
  • Page 6: Controlling Your Alarm System

    Controlling Your Alarm System Users Each person who uses the system is described as a ‘User’ and can have their own unique identity, in the form of a PIN code, prox tag or wireless keyfob, or a combination of all 3. Different users can have a different level of access to the alarm system functions.
  • Page 7: Keypads

    Keypads There are two types of keypad available as shown below but both work in a similar manner. The number buttons are for entering PIN codes and for changes options. The function keys down the side have the following use: A>: This scrolls forward in a list or menu and activates a FULL set.
  • Page 8: Wireless Keyfobs

    Wireless Keyfobs Keyfobs are portable controllers that can be attached to a key ring. They will allow you to Set and Unset the system by a single press of a button and can some- times be programmed with additional functions. Because they operate by radio, they can be used anywhere around the premises provided that they are within range of the installed radio receiver.
  • Page 9: Setting The System - Part Or Night Set

    Setting the System — Part or Night Set Part and Night setting are similar to Full setting but leave off certain detectors as agreed with your installer. Additionally, the system can be programmed by the installer not to give any exit timer tones during the setting period (silent set).
  • Page 10: Cancelling System Setting

    Cancelling System Setting The Full, Part and Night setting routines can be cancelled, before the system sets, by pressing the esc key on the keypad used to begin the setting routine. To cancel the setting routine on another keypad, type in your user PIN code and press A> or ent. Unsetting To unset the system, enter the protected area by the agreed route.
  • Page 11: Menu Access

    Setting and Unsetting With Group Choice With group choice, setting is initiated as normal, using a code, tag or fob. However, a choice of groups will then be displayed along with the current status of each group. The status can be changed for each group by pressing the appropriate number button and the display will cycle through the possible options.
  • Page 12: Menu 11 - Omit Zones

    Menu 11 - Omit Zones This function allows a user to temporarily disable a detection zone from the system (for example, to disable a movement detector when a dog is left in the house). Zone omits last for one set period only and automatically switch off when the system is unset. On entering the menu option, the first omittable zone is displayed.
  • Page 13: Menu 22 - View Log

    Menu 22 - View Log This option displays the system event log. The log records all events that occur in the system and is vital for tracing the chain of events during a break-in or when trying to trace a fault. On entering the option, the most recent event is displayed on screen in the following format: Event Time Event Source...
  • Page 14: Menu 31 - Walk Test

    Menu 31 - Walk Test This menu allows the zones to be manually tested. There are two sub-options to this function as follows: 1 = Test all Zones This puts all omittable zones into walk test immediately. 2 = Test Selected Zones This allows the user to select specific zones to be put into test.
  • Page 15 0 1 User 1 User(L2) User(L2) User(L2) User(L2) User(L2) The A> and B< keys are used to select the user to be edited. Pressing ent will show the options for that user, starting with the PIN option. Again, the A> and B< keys can be used to move between the options.
  • Page 16: Menu 44 - Mobile Numbers

    7 = Duress The duress function, when enabled, forces a panic signal to be sent to the monitoring station each time the user PIN, fob or tag is used. Duress codes should only be used in emergency situations when there is a threat to life. Menu 44 - Mobile Numbers This option allows the SMS text messaging feature to be altered.
  • Page 17: Zone Reference Table

    Zone Reference Table Installer Details...
  • Page 18 © Copyright Honeywell Security IU1-0032 Rev 1...

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