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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 60

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VHS Cassette Tape (120-Minute Tape)
*Specification ....................................20 to 25g
1. Remove the Top Cover.
2. Play back a T120 cassette tape from its beginning for approx. 10 to 20 seconds,
until the tapeÕs movement has stabilized.
3. Insert a Tension Meter into tape path and confirm the reading.
4. If the reading is out of specification, do the adjustment procedure.
1. Be sure that the three probes of the meter are all in solid contact with the tape, but
out of contact with any other parts while measuring.
2. It is recommended that measurements be taken three times because the tension
meter is very sensitive to external vibrations.
B: Adjustment Procedure
1. Remove the Cassette Up Ass'y. Then re-position the Tension Spring on the
Fig. M8

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Table of Contents

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