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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 78

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4. Carefully unsolder P2502 on the Capstan Motor Drive C.B.A.. Then remove the
Capstan Motor Drive C.B.A. by removing 2 Screws (D) shown in Fig. M20.
5. Remove 3 Screws (C) and 2 Screws (E) and then lift out the Capstan Stator Unit.
6. Install the new Capstan Stator Unit and then tighten 3 Screws (C) and 2 Screws (E).
When reinstalling the Capstan Stator Unit, the Capstan Holder Boss must be
centered within the hole in the Capstan Stator Unit.
7. Before installing the new Capstan Rotor Unit, loosen the Thrust Adjust Screw
8. Install the new Capstan Rotor, carefully inserting the Oil Seals as shown in Fig.
Cautions Note:
1. The replacement Capstan Rotor Unit is available only as a complete unit with a
spring loaded Capstan Pulley.
2. Hold the new Capstan Rotor Unit firmly when installing it, so the rotor will not be
pulled toward the stator too quickly (due to magnetic force). Placing some paper
on the coils before rotor installation may prevent accidental damage to the coils if
the above caution is not observed.
3. During installation, do not touch the Capstan Shaft with any hard material like
drivers or tweezers.
Fig. M20

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Table of Contents

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