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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 71

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7. If the number of pushes is not the same, then loosen the Black Screw with 2
Washers (D) and set the H-Position ADJ. Screwdriver into the Hole (E) shown in
Fig. M16. Then find the center point. Then repeat the above procedure to determine
the center point.
8. Tighten the Black Screw with 2 Washers (D).
9. Remove the Jumper between TP6003 and +5V(TP6009).
Purpose :
To achieve a satisfactory picture and secure precise tracking.
Symptom of Misadjustment :
If the envelope is output poorly, much noise will appear in the picture. Then the
tracking will lose precision and the playback picture will be distorted by any slight
variation of the tracking control circuit.
Place a jumper between TP6003 and +5V(TP6009) on the System Control Section of
the Main C.B.A. to defeat Auto Tracking.
1. Eject the tape and insert it again, to access the Neutral Tracking position. Connect
the oscilloscope to TP3002 on the Video Signal Process Section of the Main C.B.A.
Use TP6205 as a trigger.
2. Play back the monoscope portion of the alignment tape (VFMS0001H6). Adjust the
height of posts P2 and P3 while watching the scope display so you can make the
envelope as flat as possible.
(V1/V-max0.7, V2/V-max0.8)
Fig. M16

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Table of Contents

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