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Panasonic PV-4601 A Service Manual page 36

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The Infrared Remote Control Unit replacement part is available as a complete
assembly unit only.
Do not try to disassemble the Infrared Remote Control Unit.
However, the battery cover is available separately as a replacement part.
3.3.15. Replacement Procedure for Leadless (Chip) Components
The following procedures are recommended for the replacement of the leadless
components used in this unit.
1. Preparation for replacement
A. Soldering Iron
Use a pencil-type soldering iron that uses less than 30 watts.
B. Solder
Eutectic Solder (Tin 63%, Lead 37%) is recommended.
C. Soldering time
Do not apply heat for more than 4 seconds.
D. Preheating
Leadless capacitor must be preheated before installation. -(266°F to 302°F)
(130°C To 150°C) for about two minutes.
1. Leadless components must not be reused after removal.
2. Excessive mechanical stress and rubbing of the component electrode must be
2. Removing the leadless component
Grasp the leadless component body with tweezers and alternately apply heat to
both electrodes. When the solder on both electrodes is melted, remove the
leadless component with a twisting motion.
1. Do not attempt to lift the component off the board until the component is
completely disconnected from the board by a twisting action.
2. Be careful not to break the copper foil on the printed circuit board.

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Table of Contents

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